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Business Data Prospects And GDPR Compliance Requirements

GDPR Compliance Requirements

Our FAQ’s on GDPR and Compliance Requirements

One of our new clients recently asked us for further information on the new Data Protection Act. And also the General Data Protection Regulation. So we have included here a transcript of our call to assist others. Alongside some of the common questions asked to B2B data providers in the industry on the GDPR policy and key requirements of GDPR compliance:

Which legal basis do you use to collect your data?

The legal basis which we use to collect our data is Legitimate Interest. So when we contact a company, we ascertain their interests in 3rd party marketing. Therefore, this is in line with the ICO requirements. So we can ensure that we can align specific interests with our client’s key requirements of GDPR on a case-by-case basis.

Have you complied with the fairness and transparency requirements of the DPA?

We have complied with the fairness requirement of the law as we promise not to mislead companies when we are obtaining their data. Also, we consider how the data we obtain is used and if this could harm them.

We have also complied with the transparency requirement of the law. As we are clear and honest about who we are as a company and why we select their data.

Can you provide me with documentary evidence of your adhering to the key requirements of GDPR?
Yes, please see our data resources page on our website for more information.

If a data subject from the list you have supplied me with contacts me to object to their information processing, what will you do? If a data subject objects to their information processing, we will remove them from the database. And replace your contact as part of our 100% guarantee.

How do you keep the data list which I license from you accurately?

To keep the data you license from us accurate, we check our telephone records with BT. And our direct mail records with Royal Mail. Then we cross-check them with our own market research. Ensuring that the data lists we supply to you meet the key requirements of GDPR.

Do you have a point of contact for Data Protection?

Yes, please send any enquiries marked for our Data Protection Officer to the email address on our Contact Us page.

Will I need to do anything differently to how my business operates when I use the business list you have supplied me with? When you are using the data list, we have supplied you with. You do not have to do anything new as long as there is a legitimate interest. Business Data Prospects, as the supplier, is compliant with the GDPR when we are collecting data and carrying out market research. We will discuss any other additional key requirements of GDPR with you that are unique to your order at the time.

We hope that we have provided you with the answers you were looking for, and we hope you choose us as your data list provider. Further reading is available in our GDPR section, GDPR in a positive light.

One of the questions we have been asked is, can I send unsolicited business emails to business GDPR? If you have any questions on the key requirements of GDPR or want to inquire, please contact us by calling the number above or filling out our contact form to request a call-back. You can also check out our LinkedIn page for further information on all of our data services.

Business Data Prospects And GDPR Compliance Requirements
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