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Managing Contact Lists: Insights & Tips

Contact Lists

Contact lists are essential for any business and crucial for communicating with companies. Therefore, managing contact lists can massively impact whether your marketing efforts are successful or not.

Whether you’re searching for B2B email contact lists, contact phone lists, contact list Excel, or any other type. At Business Data Prospects, we dedicate ourselves to delivering top quality contact lists to our clients. Our profound expertise in the field fills us with pride, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to help our clients achieve their commercial marketing goals.

Therefore, we have put together today’s insights around the many questions we are asked in relation to managing contact list information correctly.

What are contact lists, and why do they remain important?

A contact list is a list of decision makers. Generally, senior decision makers, as these are individuals that can make commercial decisions on time, resources, and budget control within the business and with whom many direct marketers wish to communicate on a regular basis.

Having a contact database remains important for several reasons:

Convenience. Having a contact list means you have all your important contacts in one place. Making it easy to find the information you need. This is generally in Excel or a CRM (customer relationship management system).
Efficiency. Having a contact list allows you to quickly access companies’ details, rather than having to search for their information each time you need to communicate with them.
Organisation. An organised contact list can help you prioritise your contacts. You can categorise your contacts based on their relationship with you, their industry, or their location, this can help you focus on the most important contacts first.
Marketing. Contact lists are another way to reach out to potential customers for marketing purposes, and this is where Business Data Prospects can assist further.

Contact lists, in general, are an extremely useful tool for staying organised, efficient, and connected through regular direct marketing.

What information is on a contact list?

Most commonly, a contact list example would include the names and contact information of decision makers. Such as managing directors and CEOs, with whom a business desires to communicate.

Business Data Prospects data can include additional market research information of personal B2B email addresses, telephone numbers, postal addresses, job titles, and other relevant data that can be included, such as employee size, turnover and industry fields. It’s important to keep your contact lists up to date and exact. So licencing a database from a UK data owner such as Business Data Prospects will ensure you have the most current information for each contact and can easily reach out to them when needed.

How to build a contact list that works for you

You must first identify your target audience to create an effective contact database for your business. For example, who are your past clients? which companies do you wish to engage with? Once you have a firm grasp of your intended audience, you can then begin to compile your desired criteria. You can do this through various methods, including online research, networking events, and trade exhibits. Building a list that works for you remains essential to maintaining your direct marketing.

Finally, maintain an up-to-date contact list by adding new contacts and removing outdated or incorrect information. Business Data Prospects can assist with this throughout your licence period.

Tips for growing your contact lists.

Expanding your business and reaching potential prospects requires increasing your contact list.

Among the strategies for Managing Contact list are:

– Providing sign-up incentives, such as exclusive discounts or complimentary resources.

– Conducting targeted advertising campaigns to acquire new subscribers.

– Use email marketing to reach out to potential contacts and invite them to connect with you personally.

– Forge new relationships by inviting contacts to network and industry events.

– Collaborating with other companies to cross-promote products or services.

Here’s a brief and non-exhaustive list showcasing the versatility of managing contact lists. Discover how they can power various purposes, such as keeping tabs on professional contacts or streamlining customer data for your dynamic sales and marketing teams.

In many cases, lists remain essential for maintaining efficient communication within an organisation. For example, a company’s sales team may use a contact list to keep track of leads and customers. While a marketing department may use a contact list to keep track of new contacts that can expand the business lists to rapidly gain competitive growth. There is a natural flow between departments from Marketing to Sales, and they do have some cross-over. However, it is essential to recognise the difference when it comes to maintaining a contact list.

How much do contact infomation cost?

The price of contact database can vary based on the nature and quality of the data and the provider.

Business Data Prospects is the only UK data owner that carries out market research of business data in-house for each individual client and provides a 100% guarantee. Therefore, the cost is dependent upon time, resources, and the client’s budget. If you are looking for high-quality data with direct decision-maker contact details at a cost-effective rate for any business size. Business Data Prospects would be happy to provide a no-obligation quote. In addition, our team ensure each client’s requirements are tailored to your budget and resources in each case, ensuring you can maximise your campaign and return on investment.

An alternative is to purchase from a Data Broker, that will purchase data on your behalf from Experian who hold a platform of data that has been aggregated over time. Data brokers can add between 10% – 50% to the price of the contact data, so it is worth spending time shopping around. It also contains generic email addresses and comes with around 70% – 90% guarantee depending on age.

How do I find the perfect contact list?

Providing quick and easy access to critical contact information, contact lists can help to streamline operations and improve communication across an organisation and assist both sales and marketing teams with expanding the business and ROI (return on investment).

Therefore, one of the prime aspects of any business is your contact database. Managing contact lists can be a valuable asset, providing a way to reach potential customers and partners. There are several ways to grow your contact list, and the following tips can help you get started.

First, ensure you know how you will use the list. Will you be sending newsletters? Exclusive offers? Doing some research beforehand can help you target potential contacts who are more likely to be interested in what you have to say.

Second, don’t be afraid to ask for contact information. Many people are happy to share their email address or phone number if they know it will be used for legitimate purposes.

Third, offer something of value in exchange for contact information. This could be a free book, an exclusive coupon, or access to unique content. You’ll more likely convince people to sign up for your list by providing something of value.

Remember, to keep your list up to date. Remove old or inactive contacts regularly, and make sure that new contacts are added promptly.

Finally, when you have discovered the ideal contact database for your business together with your target audience and the specific information required. Then, you could also investigate suppliers of contact lists in your industry or niche. Always, carry out brief due diligence such as checking to see if their address is on their website, are they are at the address (google maps), does the telephone number work, do they have an ICO registration, how they collect the data etc.

Consider providers such as Business Data Prospects with a solid reputation and a history of providing exact and current data. Next, consider any additional features or services that can be included, such as data enhancement or segmentation.

Following these effortless tips, you can start to find a contact data list that’s both efficient and effective.

How Can I Update My Contacts List?

Refreshing And Updating Your B2B Contact Database

At Business Data Prospects, we know that data is only worth valuable marketing resources if it is up-to-date and exact. Before you start to launch any campaign, we highly recommend that you have your B2B contact database refreshed. To update your existing prospects list, you can hire a telemarketing company to ring through the list and ensure you have the correct details. You can also ask if they are still happy to receive your marketing campaigns. This will ensure that you get through to the right contacts, for a genuinely effective campaign.

You can also outsource this to a data cleansing company, that can carry out the process for you automatically, saving a considerable amount of time. Here at Business Data Prospects, our market intelligence team can remove any duplicates, update your relevant records, and fill in the gaps in your existing records.

They can also look at your current contact list and recommend new relevant decision makers in your B2B contact database. This gives you more opportunities and prospects for your business to target. Overall, this will increase the number of contacts you can market to. Therefore, increasing the response from your campaign. You can learn more about our data cleansing services here.

What are the different types of data enhancement services?

The purpose of data enhancement services is to help businesses improve the quality of their contact lists. There are numerous categories of data enhancement services, which include:

The practice of Data cleansing involves eradicating incorrect or obsolete information from your contact list.

Also Data appending entails adding new information, such as email addresses or phone numbers, to your contact list.

The Data Segmentation divides your contact list into categories based on the company name, address, telephone number, contact details and personal B2B email address.

Further Data normalization is converting data into a consistent format. This can help ensure that your data is compatible with other systems or software. Normalization of data can also help improve your data’s quality by reducing errors and inconsistencies.

Data profiling entails analysing your contact list to gain insight into the conduct and preferences of your audience.

Data enrichment includes adding extra information to your contact lists, such as job titles. This can also be done manually or through automated means. Data enrichment can help improve your data’s usefulness by providing further context and information.

Data cleansing will save you a great deal of time and save you extra costs in the long run. This means that you can concentrate all your efforts on promoting your B2B data rather than data cleansing your B2B contact database as you work through your prospects. Not only do you reach more contacts, but you will also reach the correct ones.

Short on Time, looking for new data on new prospects?

If you are searching for the best contact lists, know that at Business Data Prospects, we ensure that our information is always up to date and exact, providing a 100% guarantee on our b2b contact databases.

We also provide easy to use and customisable Excel databases for those who prefer to managing contact lists in Excel. By ensuring easy importation into all CRM systems, we enable you to effortlessly integrate these into your workflow. Moreover, our custom databases come in Excel format, enabling you to save them as CSV files for seamless exporting, organizing, and maintaining of your contact list, empowering you to focus on what truly matters.

Our contact lists are the perfect tool to help you reach your target, whether you’re a seasoned marketer looking to broaden your audience or have just launched a new business. Our skilled team is always available to assist you in every way possible. Why then wait? Contact us now to learn how our managing contact lists can propel your business to the next level.

Let us help you.

Business Data Prospects can help you with your current business contact lists by turning your existing contact data into a mighty sales tool. Once we understand your customer’s lifetime value and industry targets, we can also provide fresh prospects for your marketing team with a 100% guarantee.

If you have any questions regarding contact lists for sale or would like to enquire, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling the number above or filling out a contact form.

Managing Contact Lists: Insights & Tips
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