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Telemarketing Data

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At Business Data Prospects we are proud to be the UK’s only independent data owner out of all b2b data providers in the UK.

As a result we are Internationally recognised for telemarketing data purchases too. For instance we always ensure that all b2b telemarketing data has undergone five different levels of checks and validations.

For one thing this ensures that you are supplied with the most accurate and up to date telemarketing contact details that are currently available too. Furthermore, in line with this, we are the only data provider in the UK who offers a 100% guarantee.

Of course, wouldn’t it be great if your telesales team reached the right contact, every time? Indeed, our targeted telemarketing data can help your team achieve just that. Especially Achieve leads, appointments and sales for your business too.

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Indeed, we work differently in comparison to other telemarketing data providers. Conversely, we are unique in the way we work and as a strategic marketing agency we specialise in providing bespoke data for campaigns requiring telemarketing data also. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive marketing resources for B2B telemarketing data, direct mail, email and campaigns too.

Accurate Telesales Data.

Certainly, accurate and targeted telemarketing business database UK is the key to a successful telemarketing campaign. Let us put you in reach of your perfect customers. As a result, this helps you enhance the return on investment of your campaign too. This is because our research gives us insight, equally helping us identify contacts to match your desired criteria. To summarise, we turn telemarketing data into a valuable resource.


As a telemarketing data provider, we understand the importance of up-to-date b2b telemarketing lists. Which is why we operate five separate levels of checks and verification across our services.
Firstly – Companies House Verification.
Secondly – Royal Mail PAF Address Validation.
Thirdly – Contact Details Field Verification.
Fourthly –  Email Cleansing In-House System.
Most Importantly – Telephone Numbers BT Validation System.
If you want to find out more information about our services, contact us today.

Telemarketing List Compliance.

Of course our GDPR and DPA compliance gives you assurance that your marketing strategy is in safe hands too. We adhere to data protection standards throughout all bespoke data lists and marketing services. Due to this, we can ensure your campaign remains compliant as well. Furthermore we have over 10 million global B2B telemarketing records available also. Indeed, Contact us today! 

A Telemarketing Roadmap To Business Growth

Do you require specific Telemarketing Data?

Speaking to top prospects guarantees you will build relationships much quicker and is an ideal way to maximise your campaigns. Let us help you to gain access to your ideal clients. Turn prospects into customers and achieve leads, appointments and sales for your business today. Ensure your marketing campaigns use quality GDPR compliant data by trusting our number 1 authoritative site with all your data needs.

B2B Data Lists

Market Research

Fields we can include; Business name. Full address. Personal contact name. Personal email address. Position / Job Title. Telephone. Trade / Industry. Employees. Turnover.

International Data Lists

Data Lists

We offer much more UK business data than just Telemarketing Data. Did you know we also have Email Data and Direct Mail available?

Data Filters


We can provide filters to segment your data to your ideal audience;
Industry SIC Code.
Job Titles.

Ready to increase Telemarketing Conversion rates?

Improve your results today.


Our B2B database information in the UK is cross referenced against three main sources of information. The three sources are Firstly, Companies House Registrar, Secondly, British Telecom and Thirdly, Royal Mail. Most importantly, to ensure full accuracy and correct information, our verification process consists of multiple stringent checks. As a result, moreover, we are able to verify new contacts, identify updates to companies including dissolved companies, changes of Directors and other market segmentations. In particular, our telemarketing data is drawn down from companies house and matched against our in-house market research. Telephone lines are then validated against BT to ensure lines are both live and in use.


How up to date is the database?
In addition our telemarketing data lists are constructed at the point of order. This helps guarantee full accuracy. As leading B2B data suppliers, we guarantee to provide the most accurate and responsive telemarketing data currently available in the UK.
We understand the importance of up-to-date business data. This is why we operate five separate levels of verification across our services.
1. Companies House Verification.
2. Royal Mail PAF Address Validation.
3. Contact Details Field Verification.
4. Email Cleansing In-House System.
5. Telephone Numbers BT Validation System.
If you want to find out more information about our services, contact us today.


For example Lawful grounds. In the case of data what are the different lawful grounds for processing data? So there are 6 lawful grounds for processing personal data. Consequently no basis is better or more important than another. To remain compliant, you must determine the lawful basis before you start processing. The 6 lawful grounds are as follows:

GDPR for B2B Data Processing

“Our staff have been exceptionally complimentary about the telemarketing data, well laid out and clean. A successful campaign resulted, and I have got to know BDP very well, truly wonderful people.”
– John Heslop, Chemex

Your Vision. Our Pursuit.

Achieve your record B2B telesales goals

BDP can help you find your ideal customers with our accurate telemarketing data. We are the leading data suppliers UK. Our B2B telemarketing data is more effective than any B2B telemarketing data on the market.

Let our team of account managers improve your sales today, and find your ideal contacts with our accurate, targeted and up to date telemarketing data.B


So you may be thinking ‘how to get phone numbers for telemarketing’? As an example we offer some of the most efficient telemarketing data. Which equally helps you have a highly responsive beginning to your campaign as a result. Our team of business data experts have exceptional talent and have helped a range of brands to get the most from their marketing strategies. We use the combination of quality research paired with market intelligence. This ensures that you are provided with fresh and responsive business data which will allow your campaigns to be successful.


We provide same day counts which are free, easy and come with no obligation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Our account managers are always happy to talk through your ideas and requirements with you. We will then run a bespoke data count. We can also make suggestions to help you target a more suitable audience to help you get the most from your campaign.


We take a different approach when it comes to the collection of business data. Uniquely, we base this on building the right relationships, not just prioritising the size of your list. This places you several steps ahead of your competition to completing sales and business growth. Furthermore, we have a firm belief that growing your business and starting new relationships with clients via business to business marketing lists is one of the easiest and most effective ways. To summarise, this helps you build on these clients for lasting relationships.


Firstly, all our Telemarketing Data lists come with the following fields; Business Name, Full Address, Name of Decision Maker and a Telephone Number as standard. Similarly, secondly, we can filter on additional columns. Thirdly, we can add many more columns to your order, and filter by many specifications including company size/turnover, number of employees, trade or industry (via SIC Codes), or job title. In conclusion this can make your database perfect for your needs, buy data UK today.

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BDP Agency and GDPR.

Our licensing and terms and conditions ensure that all purchases from us and any consequent marketing undergone is GDPR compliant. GDPR regulations consist of rules regarding the processing of data and its purpose, as well as documenting use and possession.


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