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UK Business Databases

B2B Data

B2B Data

Our market intelligence team work with national brands to provide them with direct access to freshly targeted business-to-business data mailing lists and B2B databases. These are not available anywhere else on the market to purchase; they are exclusive to BDP Agency. Learn more about our B2B Data services.

Email Data

Email Data

Business Data Prospects offer a range of B2B email data options, a fully managed email broadcast service with full reporting to providing email data lists purchases that can be broadcast by yourself. Our market research teams collect email data worldwide.
Learn more about our Email Data services.

Telesales Data

Telesales Data

If you’re looking for a highly effective start to your telemarketing campaign, we pride ourselves on some of the most efficient telemarketing data lists in the UK industry. You can purchase your targeted marketing listings for telesales here.
Learn more about our Telemarketing Data services.

Global B2B Data

Our team has great experience researching markets and building warm prospects across various marketing channels, enabling you to discover new business data in these markets across Europe, EMEA, Asia and the USA.
Learn more about our International B2B Data services.

Mailing Lists

Our marketing databases UK and globally, cover 15M+ B2B Data records. We provide bespoke researched databases both in the UK and around the world for a wide range of countries. Find business data for Europe, America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Learn more about our Business Data Lists services.

Why choose BDP Agency?

Why choose BDP Agency for Business Data?

We’re unique in our approach to compiling targeted business data; our client list and results speak for themselves. Are you looking at sources of business data? If you choose BDP Agency, you will see that we provide a great service with a risk-free guarantee for our clients; here are just some of the business data examples of why we have a 96% retention year-on-year:

  1. We can provide a 100% guarantee.
  2. Experts at solving your marketing problems
  3. We help grow your business
  4. Strong belief in quality, not quantity
  5. The only business database owner in the UK
    (Not Experian Data)
  6. Willing to go the extra mile
  7. We have a track record of success
  8. Registered with ICO

Build your successful business data campaigns with us. Want to know how to do this?​

What Our Client Says

Five Stars

“I was very pleased by the level of service provided to Thomson Reuters by BDP. The research was competitively priced. The quality of email data provided was high. I would not hesitate in using BDP again.”

Thomson Reuters

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