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"Generate email leads and source new clients with our bespoke UK & international business email data lists."

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Benefits of our data

The key success of a strong email campaign is utilising the most up-to-date, accurate B2B email databases on the market.

We provide all data licences with a 100% guarantee. We can offer this exceptional service as our data is researched, validated, and updated from the source within 2-3 days of the point of order.

Further to this, we are the only B2B data owner based in the UK that works this way. This ensures that you are provided with the latest up to date contact details of your chosen B2B audience.

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We carry out our work differently compared to other data providers. With our approach, in the way we work and as a strategic marketing agency, we specialise in providing bespoke data and managing marketing campaigns. Our service offers a comprehensive resource for marketing B2B email, direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.

Accurate Email Data.

A strong marketing campaigns success relies on accurate, up to date and targeted email database. Our data will help you reach your ideal corporate clients and deliver exceptional ROI with accurate data that fits your needs. We can provide this level of quality as our contacts are identified to your exact specifications. This turns our business email database into helpful, intelligent information.

Email Data Guarantee.

We are the only Global business database provider that offers a 100% guarantee on data. We offer this as we treat our clients and their campaigns as corporate individuals. As a result, we only create email databases that are fit for purpose and therefore rigorously checked for all clients at the point of order. 


Our GDPR and DPA compliance gives you peace of mind that your company marketing strategies are in safe hands. Therefore, all our email address database packages and services comply with data protection standards to ensure that your corporate campaigns remain compliant. Furthermore, our partner email systems are EU white listed ESP’s, enabling us to help your marketing campaigns remain compliant in all aspects of the DPA and GDPR. Especially in terms of keeping data protected within the regulations of the EU. ICO Registered.

Ensure a Successful Campaign

Kick start your email data marketing campaign today.

Business Data Prospects supply named personal contact details only. As a result, your email data allows you to get through to your ideal contacts’ inboxes. If you are thinking about how to get email data, then you’re in the right place. We currently have access to approximately:

1,200,000 UK B2B Emails
12,000,000 International B2B Emails

Email Data

Multi-Channel Data

In addition to email business data, full postal addresses and telephone details can be added to your order. This allows you to reach your target consumers through multiple channels of communication for a fully integrated campaign.

International Data Lists

Europe and Worldwide

Together with our UK email databases, we have approximately 12,000,000 International B2B contacts with email details available.

Business Data

More Email Data...

Are you looking to buy business email data lists? Browse the full list of our services list of our services. We're sure we have something to meet your criteria.

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Business Data Prospects UK business data is updated from several sources; The Companies House Registrar, British Telecom and Royal Mail PAF. Our verification methods and process consist of stringent checks and validations with these three sources to verify new contact information. This includes identifying and updating companies that have now dissolved, updates of any change of Directors, along with other segmentation. Firstly, data is drawn down from companies houses, cross-checked and matched against our market research. Following on, and to guarantee the accuracy, our in house email verification system ensures that all emails are live.

Email Research.

All companies on our email data lists are checked against Companies House to add and verify new contacts. Whilst also providing updates on companies that are dissolved and other segmentations such as change of Directors. Email verification is carried out by our in house system at the point of order and before data despatch – this guarantees that there will be no hard bounces and enables us to offer the 100% guarantee. Additionally, further details are then verified by our market research team, who are based in our contact centre, to validate further fields such as personal email verification, job titles and positions. Again, this is carried out before any contacts are added to our email marketing database. 

All Business Data Prospects address details are validated against Royal Mail, also checking against recent ‘gone away’ files to ensure and suppress any relevant records and email movers for accuracy. Furthermore, telephone numbers are verified with BT. This ensures the lines are live and currently in use. This is the last step in our validation cycle. All of the above verifications are executed 2-3 days before despatching our data to the client. 

Data Processing.

The Lawful grounds. When processing data, what are the different lawful grounds? When it comes to processing personal data, there is a total of 6 lawful grounds. No basis is better or more important than an alternative lawful basis. It would be best if you decided on the lawful basis which matches your processing the most before you start. Here are the 6 lawful grounds for processing data:

GDPR for B2B Data Processing

“BDP supplied an email data list for us that was GDPR compliant and helped advise the best email system to use that would ensure a high delivery rate. They even replaced a few bounced records we had under the 100% guarantee they offer. Found them to be just as helpful after I purchased the data, good after sales service, thoroughly recommend the service and will use them again.”
– Eevi Goodman

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Boost your email marketing campaigns today!

Imagine your email campaign landed in the inbox of only prospective customers? Furthermore, prospects that actually had an interest or need for your products and services. Alongside this, your database ensured a maximum deliverability rate for the best chance of click throughs and conversions? B2B email lists UK are one of the most effective ways to get your message to a B2B audience, sending it directly to your UK email leads inbox or smart phone for maximum impact.

Still unsure? Check our services or give our sales team a call to discuss how we can help boost your campaign and find out what email data for email marketing we have available to your specifications.


Email marketing requires expertise, resources and timing. Here at Business Data Prospects, we have the right team to get you the best results. As a result of this, we have made several partnerships within the industry, which allows us to provide you with a wholly efficient service. Not to mention our experience and establishment in the industry. All in all, this means that we are a one-stop source for all your data marketing needs. So let our talented team piece together your email data pro list and see your enquiries and sales rocket. We are market-leading email data providers. Let us help you boost your results. You will not experience acceptable results with a free email database. Invest in your marketing today.


We provide all quotations as same-day counts. These are free and easy, with no obligation to purchase. So please don’t hesitate, get in touch with our team today. We have developed a unique approach to the collection of business data. This is based on building the right relationships. We have a strong belief in this, and it is not just about increasing the quantities of contact lists. When you buy email databases from Business Data Prospects, you’re already several steps closer to sales and business growth than your competitors. Furthermore, the quick turnaround on orders means you can have a fresh, cleansed and custom-built email data list in as little as 48 hours. Buy email database UK today.

Unique Email Data.

Uniquely, our approach to collecting and maintaining business contact data is based on building appropriate and ideal relationships, not only for increasing the size of your contact list. This puts your company much closer to sales and business growth than your competitors. Let us help you deliver the perfect email campaign. Over the past 10 years, we have built excellent relationships with our email providers and have the expertise to deliver emails. As a result, our email marketing lists in the UK can dramatically increase your conversions.

  • Peace of mind – Especially with a 100% guarantee.
  • Access to thousands of key contacts in your industry.
  • Reach potential customers the first time round.
  • Turn your email marketing database into a highly efficient sales tool.


B2B email data lists have many fields by selection. The information depends on the requested email data, and we will always outline this in our quotes. Currently, our B2B Business Data stands at 15M global records. We provide bespoke market research all Business Data from the UK and internationally for a wider range of countries. When you purchase a UK business email database from Business Data Prospects, our Market Intelligence Team researches and identifies all sets of contacts, to begin with, meeting the exact criteria, delivering a transformed and targeted international and UK email database packed full of effective market intelligence. The business data we provide is much more effective than the UK consumer email database. Given these points, we are committed to providing useful email databases for genuinely effective marketing campaigns. Contact us today.

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BDP Email Data and GDPR.

Our licensing and terms and conditions ensure that all purchases from us and any consequent marketing undergone is GDPR compliant. GDPR regulations consist of rules regarding the processing of data and its purpose, as well as documenting use and possession.


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