How Important Is Data Hygiene?

Data Hygiene

Why is Data Hygiene So Important?

Data Hygiene is an important part of B2B marketing. As the difference between having good data hygiene and bad data hygiene could make or break a marketing campaign.

What is Data Hygiene?

Data Hygiene is measured by how “clean” your data is. This depends on how many of your data records are correct and usable in a marketing campaign. A number of factors can affect this such as if the contact still works at the company, if the company has been dissolved or in the case of direct mail, has the company changed address.

Having a database of fresh and up-to-date contacts means that you will receive an increase in responses. Meaning having an out of date database will result in a high percentage of bounce backs. This could potentially lead to your business missing out on potential clients and sales. Which will lead to having more clients giving you an improved return on investment

How will bad Data Hygiene affect my marketing?

Incorrect records affect your data cleanliness. Therefore, this will lower your data hygiene. This causes your marketing database to become ineffective. Additionally, in some cases the data becomes unusable. As a result sending out marketing campaigns to these contacts is wasting resources, time and money which could be better spent elsewhere.

There are multiple ways of cleaning a database. For example manual cleansing, requires someone to go through and verify each record in the database manually. This can be time-consuming and is an ineffective method of ensuring good data hygiene. This will also be expensive if it is done internally as it requires the member of staff to be trained. This is not a fast process as this member of staff will need to spend time updating and researching the contacts/companies. Therefore, the amount of time and the resources needed to do this could be better used in other aspects of your business. Which is more effective to outsource the data cleanse and why we recommend our data cleansing service.

Another method of ensuring that you have good data hygiene is an electronic data cleanse. A data cleanse is where you look through a pre-existing database. Then removing any incorrect, or any unnecessary data which could be damaging your data hygiene. For instance irregularities, data which is stored incorrectly, or any outdated data could be damaging to your database. This data should be avoided in order to ensure that your database is up-to-date and to guarantee you better results from your marketing campaigns.

How can Business Data Prospects help clean my database?

Here at BDP we offer a data cleansing service. This can help bring your database back up-to-date, giving you greater potential for your marketing campaigns.

BDP’s data cleansing services begin with a complimentary assessment of your existing data. Continuing from there we will provide you with a quotation for updating these contacts. Then we will update the relevant records, fill in any gaps in existing records, remove any duplicate records and then recommend any additional records which can help you with your marketing campaigns.

Kick-start your year with a set of up-to-date business data and become a part of companies’ content strategies for the upcoming year.

If you have any questions, contact us today on the number above or fill in our contact request form in order to request a call back from a member of our team.

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