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Targeted and accurate business data is the key to the success of a strong marketing campaign – BDP can help you to reach your perfect potential customers and enhance your return on investment with business data that fits your needs.

This is because we research and identify contacts that match your precise specifications, which turns business data into useful and profitable information. We provide a 100% guarantee on all our business data as we are continually refreshing and updating our base, and as there are over five million businesses in the UK alone we endeavour to remain a market leading firm within this industry and provide the highest quality service to our customers.

Contact us today to find out what we have available that meets your criteria, and our team will be happy to advise you on the most effective start to your marketing campaigns.

Every client’s database is built at the point of order, which means our business data lists are the most accurate in the industry.

When you buy business data from us, we guarantee to provide you with market researched, up to date business data which allows you to access contacts who are actually interested in your products and services – the key to achieving your sales in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

"BDP recently broadcast an email campaign promoting our seasonal offers. They were highly communicative, extremely timely and very professional. The campaign was highly targeted and personal to our target markets and delivered a fantastic response. We look forward to working with them in the future.” - Legoland

“BDP played an important role in a campaign for the elections. They created a huge amount of interest and the results were successful. We are impressed with the work carried out and would recommend.”
- The National Trust

All our clients and their campaigns are dealt with on a case by case basis, which means that we can build business data lists that are designed specifically for their purpose.

Our business data is thoroughly checked for each client and we are so confident that we offer a 100% guarantee on all our business data – the only data company in the UK to offer this.

Our talented team of business data experts help national and international brands to get the most from their marketing strategies. We combine quality research with market intelligence and offer campaign management services to ensure that you are provided with fresh and responsive business data which will allow your campaigns to be successful.

We provide same day counts which are free, easy and come with no obligation. Don't hesitate to get in touch today, and one of our dedicated team will be happy to talk through your requirements with you to get a bespoke data count ran.

We make sure to offer great service as well as delivering quality results every time. What works for you, works for us and by choosing us you won't be disappointed. Browse more reasons here as to why BDP are your best point of call for business data needs.


Not only do we provide business data from within the UK, but we also research and target industries from many locations throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and America.

Our bespoke international business data allows you to expand the reach of your marketing campaigns, and our multiple use licence facilitates the nature of international campaigns, which we understand may take more than one communication. This provides you with the flexibility to choose when and how often you use the business data to fit with your strategy.


We hold many fields within our business data. Dependent on your specific criteria, we are able to provide you with business name, full address and postcode, personal contact name along with their job title, telephone number, email address, number of employees within the company, certain financial information and SIC code of their trade or industry.


The way we deliver on our guarantee of the highest quality business data available is through several steps of validations and verification's.

Firstly, we validate company details through companies house and check direct mail addresses through PAF verification (Royal Mail Postal Address File). Telephone numbers are validated using BT, with up to 15,000 records checked daily, and emails are validated through BDP's in house system two to three days prior to dispatch. Other levels of checks include call centre validation of job titles, position and personal email verification. We are committed to providing you with top quality, market leading business data.


BDP holds data for companies within a number of service industries including Estate Agents, Engineering, Restaurants, Hotels, Insurance, Banking, Architects, and Solicitors.

We can provide you with a uniquely market researched file which contains the top 2000 companies within dynamic sectors such as those listed above. Our service industry records currently total 648,000 records.


If you’re looking to source personal b2b details of the top contacts within your target industry, BDP’s business data cards are perfect as they are uniquely market researched for the leading industry contacts and are exclusive to ourselves.

We have many data cards available - click here to browse the full list and to read more details about our most popular ones:

Commercial Landlord Data
Solicitors Data
Estate Agents Data
Hotel Data
Human Resources Data
Manufacturing Data
Construction Data
IT Decision Makers Data
Fleet Managers Data.


BDP are bespoke data and marketing specialists. We focus on marketing campaigns that require business data and offer resources for telemarketing, email and direct mail campaigns.

We’re confident we will be able to enhance your marketing strategy, so contact us today on the number above to find out more, or to get a data count on your exact requirements. Alternatively browse our full list of services to find out what else we offer.

- BDP Agency - Market Leading Data Company 2018 –

To find out how BDP Agency can help your business, please complete this form and we'll be in touch.


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BDP specialise in consultancy and the management of marketing campaigns requiring worldwide international business data and UK customer data.
We offer a comprehensive marketing resource for B2B and telemarketing data, direct mail and email marketing database campaigns.
Our BDP team will design, implement and manage your campaign around your strategic goals. Our strategic approach is guaranteed to give you outstanding results.



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