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    • Market-leading UK b2b data
    • Personal email details with telephone & direct mail
    • 5M UK and 15M worldwide data records
    • Only UK data owner
    • GDPR-compliant UK b2b data provider
    • 100% Guarantee

    At Business Data Prospects, we differentiate ourselves from the competition through our exceptional services. As your trusted partner, we are committed to helping you unlock new opportunities and reach your target audience effectively.

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    Here’s why we are your preferred UK B2B data providers:

    Different UK B2B Databases.

    Unlike other data providers and brokers, we specialise in bespoke data research. Our focus on tailored solutions allows us to offer business data bases specifically designed to meet your sales requirements. By owning our base data and not relying on third parties, we maintain control over the accuracy and also quality of our offerings.

    The Power of Accurate UK B2B Data.

    We understand that accurate data analysis is crucial for successful marketing campaigns. That’s why we emphasize precision and the ability to target your ideal customers. Our research and identification processes ensure that we provide data that matches your specifications, including businesses classified by turnover or size. Turn different types of B2B data into profitable insights with our leading UK B2B data agency.

    Guaranteed B2B Data

    We are committed to delivering excellence, which is why we provide a 100% guarantee on all our B2B data. With our accurate data bases, you can confidently engage with new prospects, expand your client list, and also fuel your marketing campaigns. Count on us to provide the perfect solution tailored to your specific needs.

    Business Data Compliance.

    Data compliance is a top priority for us. Our adherence to DPA and GDPR standards ensures that your marketing strategies remain in safe hands. From tailored data base packages to comprehensive services, we prioritize data protection at every step. As an ICO Registered company, we comply with all UK requirements, giving you peace of mind.

    Client Review

    “I was very pleased by the level of service provided to Thomson Reuters by BDP. The research was competitively priced, and the quality of the business email database provided was high. I would not hesitate to use BDP again.”

    Thomson Reuters

    B2B Data Source

    UK Data Source. Ensuring Accuracy and Reliability. At Business Data Prospects, we derive our UK B2B data from three main sources: Companies House, BT, and also Royal Mail. These trusted sources therefore ensure the accuracy and reliability of our data. We have stringent verification processes in place to confirm new business data bases, update company information, and also refresh senior decision makers and other segmentations. Rest assured that our UK B2B databases are of the highest quality.

    B2B Data Processing: Compliant and Ethical Practices. When it comes to B2B data processing, we adhere to best practices and GDPR regulations. We ensure that there is a lawful basis for processing personal data and also make sure to follow the six lawful grounds for data processing. Our commitment to GDPR compliance is detailed in our resources section, where you can also find more information about our policies.

    Unlock the potential of data and elevate your marketing campaigns with B2B Prospects. Explore our trusted UK B2B data solutions and experience the difference. So Contact us today to get started on enriching your sales pipeline.

    You can also rest easy knowing that our UK B2B data services are fully GDPR compliant. We prioritize data protection and handle your information with the highest level of care and security. When you choose us, you can trust that your marketing efforts align with all regulations.

    We take pride in being the market leader in UK B2B data. Our extensive data base comprises 5 million UK and 15 million worldwide data records therefore giving you unparalleled reach to connect with your target audience. As the sole UK data owner, we ensure the upmost accuracy as well as reliability.

    UK B2B Data Research: Uncompromising Quality and Accuracy. Our UK Data House is dedicated to in depth B2B market research to ensure the excellence of our data. Before reaching our clients, all new B2B company lists undergo rigorous research and validation. We confirm address details against Royal Mail’s data base, cross checking against recent “gone away” files to ensure accuracy. Our contact center then verifies additional details and fields, including job titles/positions and personal B2B email addresses. Our market research team further verifies email addresses and telephone numbers, checking them against BT’s records to confirm their validity.

    UK B2B Data Fields: Enhancing Your Targeting Capabilities. When you buy a B2B Database from us, you gain access to more than just basic contact information. Our UK B2B Database includes fields such as business name, full address, telephone numbers, contact names, and positions within the company. Moreover, we provide personal B2B email addresses and offer various segmentation options to enhance your targeting.

    Global B2B Data: Unlocking International Business Opportunities. Expand your reach beyond the UK market with our global B2B database. We go beyond being just a UK data provider. Our research covers regions across the globe, including Europe, Asia, Africa, Benelux, EMEA, the Middle East, North America, Scandinavia, and also South America. Tap into these markets and also unlock new business opportunities.

    Marketing Data: B2B Marketing Data for Various Industries. Our B2B data lists are the result of meticulous research and exclusive market intelligence. We cover a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, landlords, restaurants, hotels, financial services, and also estate agents. Whether you’re targeting a specific sector or looking for a broader audience, our B2B companies lists have you covered.

    Looking for a specific UK B2B database? Look no further. Our vast resources and dedication to accuracy make us the ideal partner for your business needs. So get in contact today to find out more!

    BDP Email Data & GDPR

    Our licensing and terms and conditions ensure that all purchases from us and any consequent marketing undergone is GDPR-compliant. GDPR regulations consist of rules regarding the processing of data and its purpose, as well as documenting use and possession when buy email database uk.

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