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Business Lists

Our unique market research bespoke data cards contain up-to-date business data lists for the leading industry contacts in each sector. 

The business lists are created exclusively by Business Data Prospects, specialist international data brokers that have a global reach.

Architects Database

Unique Market Intelligence with a 100% data guarantee.

FMCG Database

Businesses that supply fast-moving consumer goods.

Manufacturing Companies Data

The leading UK manufacturing companies’ market research.

Estate Agents Database

The leading UK Estate Agents market Research Contact List.

Residential Landlord Database

The top 21,000+ Residential landlords contact list.

Commercial Property Owners List

Exclusive contact list of Commercial Landlords’ contact details.

Restaurants Database

Market Research of the leading UK Restaurants.

HR Managers Database

HR Directors and personnel managers. Accurate and up-to-date.

Construction Companies Database

Leading UK Construction companies. Accurate & up to date.

IT Managers Database

IT Managers & Directors details. Accurate market research.

Accountants Mailing List

Accountant details. Exclusive market research.

UK Schools Database

Education sector decision makers. Accurate and up-to-date research.

Engineering Companies Database

An exclusive data file of Engineering Company contact details.

Fleet Managers Database

Fleet Managers/ Fleet Directors details. Accurate and up-to-date.

Solicitors Database

The leading solicitors in the UK. Unique and exclusive research.

Off Gas Data

Regions off the national grid split by eligibility for CSCO/ ECO2

Hotel Mailing List

Contact details of leading UK Hotels
Accurate and up-to-date research.

Care Homes Database

Contact Details of leading UK Care Homes

Business data lists to market intelligence.

We turn business data into market intelligence – We make sure that every list of contacts supplied to you contains business data that is specific, detailed, insightful and tailored specific to your campaign.

We call this market intelligence because it gives you vital information about your target market for a genuinely effective campaign. By placing you directly in front of your target audience, it means that you and your sales team reach who you want to contact all the time, every time. It’s a leaner, smarter and more efficient way to achieve your sales.

We have a unique approach to collecting business data based on building the right relationships, not just increasing the size of your contact list. This puts you several steps closer to sales and business growth than your competition. We strongly believe that growing your business through b2b marketing lists and market intelligence is the easiest way to start new relationships and build on future clients.

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