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One part of the housing market that hasn’t dipped and is in fact stronger than ever is the rental sector. Residential landlords are enjoying growing rental yields as demand continues to outstrip demand for rental property. The demand for residential property management is about to increase even more. It will be a good time to develop relationships and start supplying these companies.

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During 2013 private rental overtook social housing for the first time and huge demand for ‘a place of my own’ by singles, divorcees, couples and families mean that demand is continuing to rise.
In spite of a squeeze on the availability of buy-to-let mortgages, there continues to be significant growth in the number of people becoming residential landlords.
Residential landlords need to create a complete property management infrastructure in order to have a successful, profitable and stress-free portfolio. They need to find the right people for a complete spectrum of property-related activity. And they will probably use those suppliers again and again as their property portfolio continues to grow.

Residential Landlords are a great target market

So what a great target market residential landlords are for suppliers interested in serving them… residential landlords may require your services in 10, 20… 100 properties!

They need up-to-date professional advice when setting up the rental property – mortgage brokers, insurance professionals, surveyors, solicitors, financial advisers.

They then need to undertake modifications to the property to make it suitable for renting. Builders who are experts at refurbishment to the standards required for rental property; heating engineers; plumbers etc.

A good landlord assembles a complete team of reliable tradespeople. Other ancillary services may be required such as temporary storage, furniture suppliers and decorators.

And then, of course, these residential landlords often choose to outsource rental collection and property management to a lettings agent. Good steady 10-12% fees per month for those agents if a good service is provided. Get it right and most landlords stay with the same letting agent for a long time.

Begin targeting Residential Landlords today

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