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Grow Your Business With Accurate Residential Landlords Data


Are you looking for Residential Landlord details? Access to reliable and accurate data is crucial. At Business Data Prospects, we offer B2B Residential Landlord data that can help you stay ahead of the competition and help to make informed decisions.

Our UK Residential Landlord database is constantly updated with the latest information. Giving you access to the most reliable data. This data helps you identify potential business opportunities, target potential clients, and grow your business in the residential property market.

At Business Data Prospects, we take great pride in supplying high quality data and excellent customer service. We also work closely with our clients to understand their needs. Delivering correct and up to date information that meets their requirements.

What is a Residential Landlord?

Residential Landlords are property owners who rent out their properties.

These may be individuals that have buy to let properties or companies that operate by letting their property under a registered company. Which can include a range of organisations such as Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Private sector housing, short and long term flats, chalets, and cottages. Here at Business Data Prospects, we deal with companies that rent out their buildings and not individuals. Whether it’s a single property or an extensive portfolio, these Residential Landlords play a crucial role in providing housing. Such as flats in London for company employees, making them an important target market for companies that offer products and services related to property management and maintenance.

How Many Properties Do Most Landlords Own?

The number of properties owned by most landlords in the UK varies widely. According to a report by the Residential Landlords Association (RLA), around 53% of UK landlords own just one rental property, while 19% own two. Only 8% of landlords own five or more properties.

However, the same report suggests that the average portfolio size of UK landlords is increasing, with 30% owning more than three properties. The report also noted a growing trend of landlords investing in Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), which typically offer higher rental income.

It’s worth noting that the number of properties a landlord owns can depend on various factors, such as their investment goals, financial resources, and experience in the property market. While some landlords may prefer to own a few properties, others may aim to build a stronger portfolios over time.

Who would benefit from targeting Residential Landlords?

The Residential Landlords market research file from BDP would be notably beneficial to companies in the UK in the following industries:

1. Tradesmen
2. Chartered surveyors
3. Residential property consultants
4. Storage companies
5. Office space suppliers
6. Insurance professionals
7. Mortgage suppliers.

These companies can access a profitable market of property owners who require various property management services.

At Business Data Prospects we offer an extensive database of over 12,000+ residential landlords on a 12 month multi use license. In addition, our database of Residential Landlords can help boost your companies marketing campaigns and form new business partnerships. With Business Data Prospects Residential Landlord database, you can kickstart your marketing campaign immediately.

What is the largest Residential Landlord in the UK?

Here is a list of the top Residential Landlords in the UK.

1. Grainger Plc is a UK based residential property investment company that specialises in creating, building, and managing rental property. With a portfolio of over 8,000 properties, the company has a focus on providing high quality homes for long term rental to meet the needs of the growing rental market.

2. Greystar is a global leader in the development, investment, and management of high quality rental housing communities. The company has a presence in over 180 markets and manages over 750,000 units worldwide. Greystar’s focus is on creating exceptional living experiences for residents by providing high quality amenities and excellent customer service.

3. Get Living. A UK based residential property management company that operates a number of high quality rental communities in London and Manchester. The companies focus is on creating well designed, modern living spaces that meet the needs of a wide range of renters, from young professionals to families.

4. Caddick Developments. A UK based property development company that specialises in creating innovative, sustainable, and also high quality residential property management. The company has a focus on delivering developments that enhance local communities, and its portfolio includes a range of projects, from large scale, mixed use developments to bespoke high end homes.

5. Urban Bubble. A UK based property management company that specialises in managing residential buildings for landlords and investors. The companies focus is on providing a high level of customer service to both landlords and tenants, and it has a reputation for delivering effective property management solutions. Urban Bubble manages a range of properties, from student housing to luxury apartments.

Why Residential Landlords need your help now?

Changing regulations regarding EPCs for rental buildings in the UK, means many landlords are unaware of the new rules. A significant number of landlords are still in the dark about the EPC rule change, which could have implications for their rental property.

Landlords need to ensure that their rental propery meet the minimum energy efficiency sMEES) outlined by the government. From April 2023, all rental property in England and Wales must have a minimum EPC rating of E or above, or else landlords may face hefty fines. However, research shows that many landlords are still unaware of this requirement and have not taken the necessary steps to improve the energy efficiency of their property.

Landlords also need to take action now to ensure that their property meet the new EPC regulations and this could include repairs by tradesmen, assessments by surveyors and loans from mortgage companies to pay for any upgrades.

This could involve investing in energy efficient upgrades such as insulation, double glazing, and more efficient heating systems. By doing so, landlords can not only avoid potential fines but also attract tenants who are increasingly looking for eco friendly and energy efficient properties.

Overall, the need for landlords to stay informed about changing regulations and take proactive steps to ensure that their property meets the required standards is essential. By doing so, they can not only comply with the law but also enhance the value and desirability of their rental property, which is essential for companies that are operating large portfolios.

Residential landlords are a great target market.

Multiple factors make Residential Landlords an excellent target market for companies. Firstly, the UK residential property market in the United Kingdom has remained robust, providing owners with stable investment opportunities. Recent statistics show that the demand for rental buildings in the United Kingdom has increased, therefore increasing the number of Residential Landlords. This expansion offers numerous opportunities for companies to provide their services to landlords, which can result in substantial profits.

Secondly, Residential Landlords need various services to administer their buildings. These include property management, insurance, repairs and maintenance, and also legal counsel. This therefore creates multiple business opportunities for different industries to offer their services to landlords. Resulting in a wide range of target markets.

Finally, Residential Landlords often require ongoing services from companies, making them valuable long term clients. This allows companies to create strong relationships with their landlord customers, therefore leading to consistent revenue and business growth. By focusing on Residential Landlords, you can provide companies with numerous opportunities to offer their services, develop long term relationships, and create steady revenue sources, making this a great market to target.

What information is included?

Our Residential Landlord data covers a wide range of information, including full address and post code, telephone number, personal contact names and also full B2B email databases of personal business contacts. Further details, such as company size, number of employees and turnover, can also be added. This will help you further segment the data to personalise your emails better. With this information at your finger tips, you can identify potential leads, create targeted email campaigns, and make informed decisions.

Are you interested in Residential Landlord data? Perhaps you want to expand your client base within the UK residential property management industry. Whatever your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can contact us by calling the number above or filling out our contact form to request a call back. Our dedicated team is here to help with any queries and guide you towards the solution for your business.

Grow Your Business With Accurate Residential Landlords Data
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