Quality Vs Quantity

Quality Vs Quantity in Marketing

Achieving both quantity and quality in B2B Email marketing can be difficult, so which is more important, quality marketing data or quantity?

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Weighing up the differences

The traditional method of blasting messages to your entire database is ineffective. Therefore personalisation is key when planning and implementing any marketing strategy. For example, reading their own name, spelt correctly, using their personal email address, and with information useful to their company will get a far better open rate than emailing info@ addresses or starting you email with “dear (blank name)”

Hope they come to you? This could work… If you had the most wanted and needed product or service on the market. However we don’t recommend relying on your customers coming to you first. Especially in the B2B market where the choice and competition is just as fierce as in the B2C market.

Ensuring the data is quality helps achieve your marketing goals. Whereas too much bad data may drown your pipeline. As well as take up your sales team’s time, or too few good leads won’t make much of an impact.

Ensuring that an email address is up-to-date, accurate and relevant to the marketing objective requires more time and care. Rather than just supplying any old list with thousands of names. So, yes, it’s likely to cost a bit more.

However in terms of value across the whole process, including the likely conversion rate, it is a worthwhile investment if done correctly. After all, quality outperforms quantity every time.

How Business Data Prospect’s quality marketing data can help you

You’ve read how quality marketing data can really give your campaigns the edge. All of our email data consists of named personal B2B email addresses. We do not supply generic email addresses as this is not effective for your email campaign. The true hack to boost the response from your campaigns is using named personal contacts only. Our email validation method ensures that all email contacts we supply to you are active and are supplied under the correct details. Please take a look at our email data and see for yourself. Accelerate your email marketing and give your sales department a boost.

Here at Business Data Prospects, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with quality marketing data so that you achieve maximum results when sending out your campaign. If you require more information from BDP or would like to place a data enquiry, contact us on the number above or fill in our request a callback form.

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