What do Job Titles mean for Marketing?

There are many job titles in the workplace, they can range from Directors to CEOs and Receptionists to Administrators however a lot of these roles can have some of the same responsibilities and some might be responsible for parts of the business that are not related to their job title at all.

For example, if you were interested target a Marketing Manager then you could find that the person who is responsible for this could have a job title such as EMEA Marketing Manager. This means that they are still a marketing manager who deals with marketing however they also deal with EMEA. A Business Development Manager job title could also be the decision maker for marketing.

Another example would be looking for people who have a job title of Employee Engagement, however that wouldn’t necessarily be the job title, as this is something which someone with a HR, Team Leader or even a Director job title would be responsible for.

Job titles don’t have to be specific to the people or sectors you are targeting as that person could still be the main decision maker or responsible for that project or department.

When choosing your business data, your campaign may heavily benefit from targeting a specific job role of job title.

To see more examples of what job titles fit into a category, please see the drop down boxes of decision maker job titles below;

Decision Maker Job Titles


Event & Business Development Manager

Event & Hospitality Executive

Event & Hospitality Manager

Event & Marketing Manager

Event & Publishing Director

Event Administration Manager

Event Administrator

Event and Marketing Manager

Event and Office Manager

Event and Publication Manager

Event and Sales Executive

Event Committee Manager

Event Delivery director

Event Development Manager

Event Director

Event Executive

Event Management

Event Management Director

Event Manager

Event Manager, EMEA Events Marketing

Event Manager, Expo Project Manager

Event Manager / Account Manager

Event Manager and Executive Assistant

Event Manager and Sales

Event Manager – Marketing Executive

Event Marketing Director

Event Marketing Executive

‎Event Marketing Manager

Event Marketing Strategy & Program Manager

Event Operations Executive

Event Operations Manager

Event Owner Delivery Director

Event Production Director

Event Production Manager

Event Project Director

‎Event Project Manager

Events, Marketing and Communications Manager

Events, Media & Marketing Executive

Events & Administration Manager

Events & Advertising Manager

Events & Banqueting Manager

Events & Business Development Manager

Events & Communications Manager

Events & Communities Manager

Events & Development Manager

Events & Evaluation Officer

Events & Exhibitions Manager

Events & External Affairs Manager

Events & External Relations Manager

Events & Hires Manager

Events & Hospitality Executive

Events & Hospitality Manager

Events & Marketing Manager

Events & Membership Manager

Events & Network Manager

Events & Office Manager

Events & Operations Manager

Events & Partnerships Development Officer

‎Events & Project Co-ordinator

Events & Project Manager

Events & Projects Director

Events & Public Engagement Officer

Events & Regulatory Co-ordinator

Events & Sales Director

Events & Special Projects Manager

Events & Training Manager

Events Account Manager

Events Administrator

Event Sales Executive

Event Sales Manager

Events and Awards Manager

Events and Brand Manager

Events and Business Development Executive

Events and Challenges Manager

Events and Channel Marketing Manager

Events and Communications Manager

Events and Community Fundraising Manager

Events and Community Fundraising Officer

Events and Community Partnerships Manager

Events and Conferencing Manager

Events and Content Manager

Events and Development Manager

Events and Duty Manager

Events and Exhibitions Manager

Events and Fulfilment Manager

Events and Functions Manager

Events and Heritage Manager

Events and Hires Manager

Events and Hospitality Manager

Events and Lettings Manager

Events and Marketing Director

Events and Marketing Executive

Events and Marketing Manager

Events and Marketing Officer

Events and Membership Co-ordinator

Events and Office Manager

Events and Partnerships Manager

Events and Programmes Officer

Events and Project Lead

Events and Promotions Manager

Events and Promotions Officer

Events and Publications Manager

Events and Reservations Manager

Events and Sales Manager

Events and Sponsorship Executive

Events and Sponsorship Manager

Events and Technology Manager

Events and Training Officer

Events and Visitor Services Manager

Events Assistant

Events Business Manager

Events Communications Manager

Events Content Officer

Events Co-Ordinator

Events Coordinator and Administrator

Events Development Manager

Events Director

Events Director & HR Manager

Events Director & Owner

Events Director and Project Manager

Events Director – EMEA

Event Services Director

Event Services Manager

Events Executive

Events Fundraising Manager

Events Fundraising Officer

Events Management

Events Manager

Events Manager, London

Events Manager / Marketing

Events Manager & Communications

Events Manager & PA

Events Manager & PA to CEO

Events Manager & Trustee

Events Manager and Coordinator

Events Manager and Happiness Co-ordinator

Events Manager

Conference & Events Manager

Events Manager – EMEA

Events Marketing Co Ordinator

Events Marketing Executive

Events Marketing Manager

Events New Product Development Manager

Events Officer

Events Operations Manager

Events Organiser

Event Specialist

Event Sponsorship and Exhibition Manager

Events Producer

Events Production Manager

Events Programme Manager

Events Project Officer

Events Registrar Manager

Events Senior Marketing Executive

Events Specialist, EMEA Marketing

Events Supervisor

Events Support Manager

Events Team Manager

Events Training Manager

Event Strategy Manager

Event Support Officer

Event Technical Coordinator


Marketing Manager

Marketing, Events & Press Office Executive

Marketing, Promotion & Sales Support Manager

Marketing & Events Executive

Marketing & Events Executive

Marketing & Events Manager

Marketing & Promotions Manager

Marketing and Event Executive

Marketing and Event Manager

Marketing and Events Executive

Marketing and Events Manager

Marketing Campaign Manager

Marketing Events Manager

Marketing Manager and Head of Customer Events

Marketing Manager – Creative and Events

Marketing Manager – Events

Marketing Manager – Events and Conferences

Marketing Manager – Food, Wine & Restaurants

Marketing Project and Event Coordinator

Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing, Events & E-Commerce

Head of Marketing/Charity Co-ordinator

Head of Marketing & Events

Head of Marketing & Promotions

Head of Marketing & Sponsorship

Head of Marketing and Events

Head of Marketing and Fundraising

‎Head of Marketing Events and Communications

Head of Marketing Strategy, Events & Sponsorship


Communications and Events Director

Corporate Communications Manager

Director of Fundraising & Communications

Director Of Marketing, Communications & Events

European Marketing and Communications Manager

Events, Marketing and Communications Manager

Events and Communications Manager

Head of Fundraising & Communications

Fundraising & Communications Director

Head of Marketing Events and Communications

Project Management, Marketing, Communications and Events

Business Communications Director

Business Communications Manager

Business Communications Executive

Business Development and Communications Manager

Business Development and Communications Director

Business Development and Communications Executive

The following drop down box shows all the job titles and decision makers we have available;

Job Titles and Decision Makers we hold



Chief Executives

Chief Officer



Legal Counsel

Managing Director





Buying / Purchasing / Procurement

Chief Financial Officer

Company Accountants

Company Secretaries


Head of Finance

Investor Relations






Direct Marketing

Head of Marketing

Market Research


Product Development

Public Relations



Organisational Development

Personnel / HR



Business Development



Head of IT

Information Technology

IT Security





Learning & Development



Other Relations

Customer Service





Health & Safety








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