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How Can I Find My Target Market?

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Why Target Markets are Essential For Businesses

When you are thinking about your marketing campaigns knowing who you are wanting to be targeting is useful information. It allows you to build your campaign around your target market and making sure that it appeals to them.

When you are figuring out who you are wanting to target there are a few factors which you should think of.

Job Titles

One of first factors to consider in your target market is the recipients job title. The job title of the contact you are marketing to can play a big role in how successful your campaign is. Depending on your product or service which you are trying to market to it will be of more interest to certain decision makers within a company. If your product was a new piece of software for businesses, then you might want to market towards IT decision makers as these would play a large role in deciding if your product is right for their company.

Here at BDP we can help you to target your ideal job titles as we can filter our data on job title which will allow you to focus on marketing to contacts who are suitable based on your product or service.


Another factor is the location which you are targeting. The location to which your target market is often based on what product or service you are trying to sell. If you are selling a product such as machinery you might just want to target areas around your warehouses as this way you can easily deliver this product to any potential buyers, or you could have a limit on how far you can travel in order to fulfil a service. You could also expand your marketing internationally in order to help you to build brand awareness and open up a brand-new world for you to market towards.

Here at BDP we are able to filter our data based on location such as postcodes and country. We offer a wide range of B2B data across the UK and internationally.


Another big factor which you should consider is the industries in which your target market is based. The industry which you target is generally based on what product or service you are attempting to sell. One example is that IT companies are not likely to be interested in your products if you are selling farming equipment. Targeting a suitable industry based on your product or service can help you to make the most out of your marketing campaign.

Here at Business Data Prospects we can filter our data on SIC codes in order to allow you to target companies which are interested in your products or services. Here you can find our SIC code list.

Our Services

Here at BDP we are able to filter our data based on job title, industry and location so that you are able to get the type of data which you need in order to promote your products and services to the appropriate contacts.

Our market intelligence team will work with you in order to identify business contacts which fit your criteria so that you can get the best possible results for your marketing campaigns.

So, using B2B lead generation you can identify potential buyers in your target market for your products or services. If you have any questions on your target market or want to make an enquiry, then please contact us using the number above or by filling in the contact request form in order to request a call back from a member of our team.

How Can I Find My Target Market?
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