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Chemex International

Chemex International – The True Value of Good Quality Data

Using good quality data for a prospecting campaign can make a huge difference in the amount of time and effort required to obtain appointments. This also, of course, it is likely to yield far better results. Business Data Prospects can demonstrate this. Here, we highlight the recent experience of one of our clients, John Heslop from Chemex International.

Chemex supplies cleaning and hygiene products, primarily to the hospitality and healthcare sectors. John turned to BDP to help him to get in front of more decision-makers.

How Chemex International Experienced True Success

“In my business it is no good telephoning to ask for “the person who looks after hygiene products” as at best the receptionist won’t know who that is and at worst this just reveals the many layers of ‘gatekeepers’ preventing us getting through to the appropriate person!” says John Heslop.

“We outsource our appointment making to a telemarketing agency and had supplied them with data lists of international contacts in the past, aimed primarily at getting appointments with restaurants, hotels, leisure centres and colleges. In general this had resulted in frustration from the telemarketing team, with many wasted calls to people who were no longer in the relevant post or seemingly had never existed! And of course these were all calls which I was paying for, along with the original purchase of the list. While these lists had been cheap, they turned out to be a false economy.”

“So I turned to Business Data Prospects who build bespoke packages specifically targeting your ideal prospects. I purchased a bespoke data list of contact details in those same sectors I wanted to target. This data has been so much more relevant and accurate and has gained us instant results. We are now getting through to decision makers pretty much every time.”

“The result is an average of four new appointments each week, and because the people ARE the true decision makers, we are converting business at an impressive rate. All our custom is repeat order business, and so rather than just being a one-off sale, a new account is worth up to £5000 per year. A steady increase in the number of these coming through each month is making a real difference to our turnover and profit.”

About BDP

BDP is a direct marketing solutions company and B2B data owner. BDP provides a full marketing resource for your B2B business data, direct mail, email and telemarketing campaigns, we also provide international B2B data. By delivering an unmatched combination of data, knowledge, expert advice and integrating products. We stand out from the crowd with our extensive services. Take a look at the telemarketing data which helped Chemex with a successful campaign.

About Chemex International

Chemex supplies industry leading cleaning and hygiene products, primarily to the hospitality and healthcare sectors. See Chemex.

If you have any questions or want to make an enquiry, please contact us by calling the number above. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form to request a call-back.

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