10 Tips To Launch A Successful Email Campaign


Launch A Successful Email Broadcast With These 10 Tips

In this blog post, we will be going over 10 tips to launch a successful email broadcast. Following these tips could improve your email campaigns and help you push your business further. This will also help you gain more subscribers to your emails and could potentially give you more business leads.

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Ensure your email broadcast is easily understandable

Firstly, when planning and writing your email campaign, make sure that the message you send to your prospect is easily understandable. Try your best to be as simple, short and to the point with your message. If the recipient opens an email with lots of plain text, it is most likely they will not read any of the information. A great way to put across your point easily is to use bullet points.

Proofread your email broadcast

Before you send your email to your potential client make sure that you have checked what you are about to send for grammar and punctuation mistakes. Ask someone else to proofread the email as well. If your email isn’t grammatically correct your audience could read this and think you are not professional. They may think this could reflect in your product, potentially causing you to lose customers.

Ensure you are sending the email to the correct recipient

When dispatching your emails ensure that you send them to the correct recipient rather than a generic email address. If your email is not received by the intended recipient, this can be a big waste of time for everyone and use up your marketing revenue quickly.

Spend time designing your email broadcast

People like to look at pictures for a quick overview of the theme of your email. There is an argument for sending text only emails to ensure they are delivered, however we recommend sending both. Emails with big chunks of text are unappealing to your audience. This could cause them to ignore or unsubscribe from your emails. Using images could help to break up the email and make it more appealing but be careful and ensure you put all the information that is needed in text form as some email systems don’t load images.

Target your ideal market

Target your ideal market with relevant information that they will be interested in receiving information about. If you have a large prospect base, think about splitting this into different sections and targeting different individuals with different messages. The last thing you want to do is create a well-thought-out and organised campaign and have it sent to the wrong audience potentially causing people to unsubscribe.

Let your customer know the services you provide

When emailing your potential customer, tell them straight away the services and products you can provide and why these products and services can be used to help their company become more successful.

Include a call to action

Before you send your email to your targeted potential customer, ensure you have included a call to action. People like to know what action they need to take if they have an interest. Make this easy for them and ensure you include this as a priority in every email data campaign.

Include a unsubscribe button

When creating your email ensure that there is a clearly visible unsubscribe button in case your recipients want to opt out of your mail list. This could be on the top or bottom of the email however having it at the top would allow the recipient to opt out easily. This is also so that your emails can comply with the new GDPR laws. The old data protection laws didn’t mention having an unsubscribe button however the new regulations require this.

Pay attention to people unsubscribing

Pay attention to people unsubscribing from your emails. If a significant amount of people are unsubscribing changing up your campaign so it better suits your audience could potentially stop people unsubscribing.

Know your goal

Understand your target for the campaign as this will make your campaign more clear and direct for newer subscribers to your campaign. Thinking about what you want to achieve with your campaign will allow it to fit together better. One goal you could have is getting your audience to click on a certain link. Having incentive for them such as a discount code to entice them into clicking on this link is effective as well. Having this easily visible and being the focus point of the email would improve the chances of the recipient clicking on the link. We hope that our 10 super tips will have helped you to gain a small insight into launching a fantastic email marketing campaign. Does email marketing still work for you? Let us know in the comments below or If you would like any further information, please let us know.

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