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Is Buying Email Addresses A Good Idea?

Buying Email Addresses

The answer is yes. However, you need to comply with GDPR Regulation when purchasing email lists.

GDPR — or the General Data Protection Regulation — is a European law that directly states that email subscribers must opt in to receive your emails with active consent.

More information on GDPR can be found here.

When you purchase an email list, many data companies will provide personal and generic email addresses within the data purchase. This enables them to charge you more for a higher quantity, yet this is ineffective. Continue reading this blog to learn why buying personal email addresses, rather than generic email addresses is effective, from Business Data Prospects today.

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We always recommend asking companies to exclude generic email addresses, which can include:

Other data companies can find generic emails through company websites. Some companies may provide personal emails to boast about certain employees, such as a certain investor etc. But not every company will provide this information on their websites. Also, they can look on social media pages as many people add their details to their profile. Also, a quick search on the internet, and you’ll be able to find a generic email for a potential client. However, we can provide you with personal emails from one or more of our varied data lists. We can guarantee this because we talk personally with the clients on our lists and keep their information up to date with regular checks.

Is selling email addresses illegal

We recommend only purchasing data lists that contain personal B2B email addresses and not just generic emails or as well. Thus, ensuring a much better chance that the email will be opened and read by the correct individual within the business.

The biggest issue with generic email addresses is that they do not go directly to the person the information is relevant to or who it intends to reach. Typically, the email will go to the receptionist, secretary, or webmaster, who stands a much higher chance of being deleted, which would be a waste of an email marketing campaign and your company’s time and money.

How much do email addresses cost?

Ask your data supplier if the addresses on their list contain all personal emails. If you are emailing a major organisation, this will help you miss out on all the hassle of contacting irrelevant people. Instead, you get the correct contact and can quickly discuss information with a key decision-maker at a company through your email campaign.

Are our email lists worth it?

Here at BDP, we provide all up-to-date 100% accurate personal email addresses in several industries that suit the products and services of our clients. We also guarantee that all our emails have been checked within 3 days before despatch our clients, the best in the industry. This is because we are so confident that we provide a 100% guarantee with our emails.

So why buy generic emails when you can buy personal email addresses at BDP.

If you would like to buy a targeted email list, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling the number above or fill out our contact form to request a call-back.

Is Buying Email Addresses A Good Idea?
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