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Data Owners: Everything You Need To Know

Data Providers Everything You Need To Know

How Do You Choose a Data Provider/Owner? When choosing a data owner we recommend asking as many questions as possible. As with B2B data lists you get what you pay for.

7 Questions you must ask when purchasing a database.

Where do the details originate from?
Are they opted in contacts or supplied under a legitimate interest licence?
In the case of B2B email addresses are they personal named contact details?
Is the data supplied under industry description or SIC codes?
What guarantees are given on the quality of the data? For example, bounced emails?
What licence period is the data given?
What additional selections can be given for maximum benefit?
Also, ensure the provider is registered with the ICO.

Remember to note whether the data owner is transparent about the nature of its data.

What is the difference between a Data Owner and a Data Broker?

A Data broker has a hand in gathering types of information not publicly available such as contact details, health records or financial details. With the intention of giving their clients a wider choice. Therefore, making them more valuable than someone who aggregates publicly available data.

A Data Owner licences their own information which is compiled from Market Research and unique sources of material. They are ultimately responsible for the quality and security of this information.

What are the Top 10 UK Data Vendors?

You will note that BDP Agency is the only data owner in the UK and 99% of our competitors are providing data from the same source – 118 Information / Experian.

Data Owner – BDP Agency.
118 Information – Experian.
118 Information – CACI.
118 Information – Selectabase.
118 Information – Marketscan.
118 Information – Market Location.
118 Information – Data-broker.
118 Information – UK Datahouse.
118 Information – DataHQ.
118 Information – Duedil.
Your business is unique – so are your data needs.
As well as our standard packages, BDP can tailor data to your exact requirements. We provide the most accurate, bespoke databases. We are marketing leading business data providers. And strive to help you gain an incredible response from your business marketing campaigns.

Finding the best b2b data providers

Whether for email, direct mail data or telemarketing purposes (or all three). We can find the business data you need. BDP are the only B2B database lists providers who own our business data. This means that we do not broker or resell data from any other brokers on a list of data owners.

Bespoke Counts: BDP offers a no-obligation contact data providers quotation service for the specific data you need.

If you have any questions or want to enquire. Please contact us by calling the number above or filling out our contact form to request a call-back. For more information on our blogs, follow Twitter BDPs.

Data Owners: Everything You Need To Know
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