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Turn prospects into customers

Wouldn’t it be great if your sales team spent all their time speaking to people who genuinely need your products or services, and always to the top prospects in your target market?

Speaking to top prospects guarantees you will build relationships much quicker and is an ideal way to maximize your marketing campaigns. Let us help you to gain access to your ideal clients, turn prospects into customers and achieve leads, appointments and sales for your business today. Ensure your marketing campaigns use quality GDPR compliant data by trusting our number 1 authoritative site with all your data needs.

Achieve leads, appointments and sales for your business

B2B Telemarketing Lists

If you’re looking for a highly effective start to your telesales data campaign, we pride ourselves on some of the most efficient telemarketing data lists in the UK industry including;

  • Full UK & International coverage
  • 1.8 million UK records
  • 10.5 million International records
  • Company size
  • SIC codes 2007
  • Turnover information

All our Telemarketing Data lists come with Business Name, Full Address, Name of Decision Maker and a Telephone Number as standard. You can add many more columns to your order, and filter by many specifications including company size/turnover, number of employees, trade or industry (via SIC Codes), or job title.

We support more integrated marketing campaigns and can provide personal b2b email addresses as well to enhance your campaign. GDPR Logo


All our telephone numbers are validated against BT to ensure the lines are in use; this is the final step in the creation of the order and is performed within 2-3 days prior to the despatch of the data to our client.

Our regular and stringent quality checks enable us to guarantee 100% data accuracy for our telemarketing data lists within all UK industries and regions, and we are the only business data company in the UK that provide this.

B2B Telemarketing Data

Our telemarketing data is GDPR compliant and follows all EU data protection standards, and with our licencing you can be sure that your campaigns will be compliant too. BDP Agency is the number 1 authoritative site for business data purchase, and with over 6500 customers you can be sure that we’ll deliver.

  • Kick Start Your Telemarketing Campaigns
  • Create immediate rapport with the right contacts
  • Achieve an excellent return on your investment.
  • Research & Test new markets
  • Save time and resources

If you are looking for extra resources to put your telemarketing data campaign into action, we’ll make sure you’re in expert hands. Get through every time to the latest contacts in your selected industries and secure the follow up to guarantee that crucial sale.

Telemarketing involves relationship building which is why we sell our data on a 12 month multiple use licence, which allows you the flexibility to use the data as and when you wish without a time limit.

Client Testimonial

“Our staff have been exceptionally complimentary about the telemarketing data, well laid out and clean.

A successful campaign resulted, and I have got to know BDP very well, truly wonderful people.”

John Heslop

Refresh service

Work smart and save time with a streamlined business database
Business data goes out of date quickly as staff and contacts change. Subscribing to our refresh service enables us to check and update your data lists on a quarterly basis. It means that your sales team only ever call the right prospects.  If you subscribe to our full service campaign management, we can include our refresh service within the package.

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