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100% guarantee, 3 days data age

Imagine your email campaign landed in the inbox of only prospective customers that actually had an interest or need for your products and services and your database ensured a maximum deliverability rate for the highest chance of click throughs and conversions? Email data is the most effective way to get your message to a B2B audience, sending it directly to your contacts inbox or smart phone for maximum impact.

Kick start your email marketing database campaign today.

We offer two types of email data lists:

  1. B2B Email Data List: A bespoke tailored database for your own use
  2. B2B Email Full Campaign Management

Whichever you choose, our Market Intelligence Team will research and identify a set of contacts that meet exactly the right criteria for your campaign, transforming email business data into effective market intelligence.

This also allows you to only pay for the contacts that you really need, saving money and providing you with a highly cost effective and targeted email database. Our email data has 100% deliverability guaranteed, as well as competitive open rates and click through percentages.

B2B Email Data Lists

Our Market Intelligence Team will research and identify a set of contacts that meet exactly the right criteria, transforming a targeted email business data list into effective market intelligence.

  • All personal B2B emails
  • 100% guarantee
  • 15,000,000 International emails
  • Multi-use licence
  • Key personnel
  • Demographic data
  • Target individuals personallyGDPR Logo

Reaching named individuals is the first rule of thumb of an effective email marketing data campaign – we only use personal, named email addresses and carry out many levels of verification on all our data.

Email verification is carried out by our in-house system at the point of order and prior to data despatch – this guarantees that there will be no hard bounces and enables us to offer the 100% guarantee.

All companies on our email data lists are checked against Companies House to add and verify new contacts, identify and update companies that are dissolved, update change of Directors and other segmentations. Additional details are verified by our contact centre to validate fields including job titles, position and personal email verification before any contacts are added to our email marketing database, and on a daily basis.

Full Campaign Management

We can help you save time and resources by managing your campaign as follows:

  • Design your HTML creative
  • Send out email communications for you
  • Monitor open rates, clicks and subscribers
  • Turn your contacts into conversions
  • Arrive in your targets inbox

Let us help you deliver the perfect email campaign – we have built excellent relationships with our email providers and have the expertise to deliver emails that dramatically increase your conversions.

  • Peace of mind – 100% guarantee
  • Access to thousands of key contacts in your industry
  • Reach potential customers first time round
  • Turn your contact email marketing database into a highly-efficient sales tool

Email marketing requires expertise, resources and timing and here at BDP we have the right team to get you the best results. We have made several partnerships within the industry which allow us to provide you with wholly efficient service, and our experience and establishment within the industry means that we are a one stop source for all your data marketing needs.

Our partner email systems are EU white listed ESP’s which enable us to help your marketing campaigns to remain compliant in all aspects of the DPA and GDPR, especially in terms of keeping data protected within the regulations of the EU.


By adding full postal addresses or telephone details to your order, you’re able to reach your target consumers through multiple channels of communication for a fully integrated campaign.

We currently hold 2,432,778 addresses, and 1,561,990 telephone numbers within the UK, and many more abroad so call us today to find out how we can help contribute to your marketing strategy.

Client Testimonial

“4N is moving into the mainstream of UK business and increasing our direct marketing is all part of that process.

BDP are a valuable partner in helping us to achieve this.”

Brad Burton

Refresh service

Keep your contacts up-to date with our refresh service
Business data goes out of date quickly as staff and contacts change. Subscribing to our refresh service enables us to check and update your data on a quarterly basis. It means you make maximum use of your multiple license and that your sales team only ever call potential prospects. If you’ve opted for full service campaign management, our refresh service is included in the package.

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