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The Engineering database with a 100% guarantee gives you an ideal opportunity to contact these companies senior decision makers to present your products and services risk free.

Did you know that the Engineering industry turnover in 2018 was 1.2t which contributed to 21.4% of the UK’s turnover. (Engineering UK).

Engineering Database

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Engineering companies database overview

The Engineering Database includes over 54,800+ in the UK and 98,000+ International Engineering Contacts, all Senior Decision-makers from around the world in these active practices.

Of course our B2B Engineering data includes company name, address, telephone number, contact details and personal B2B email address.

In particular this business data list of Engineering companies in the UK and international offers a diverse breakdown across markets in the UK and worldwide.

With the ability to filter on firstly company turnovers, secondly employee count and thirdly industry specifics, most importantly we can help target your ideal audience.

List of Engineering companies UK and international

Similarly the UK Engineering Database, the International list of Engineering companies is further market research which we have carried out as we continue to expand on the Engineering industry for our clients to create new opportunities and expand our network.

Moreover if you are unsure of the best Engineering companies to target for your products and services, our account managers would be delighted to talk this through with you. You can test our Engineering data with our risk-free data samples of the top 2,000 records for £995.00 +vat. This way you will have access to thousands of large and small Engineering companies and potential clients within 24-48 hours.

BDP are experts at matching companies that have these and similar requirements to you, the supplier for a seamless network of business and to grow the business economy together. Let us help you  promote your business with a responsive Engineering Database to accelerate your sales.

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Directory of Engineering companies

Purchase your Engineering list with confidence from the only data owner in the UK.

We take pride in our work, ensuring that we have carried out full validation on our B2B databases. In fact, directly before despatch to you ensuring that the data has only aged 2-3 days. Of course, these can be provided with our 100% guarantee.

Let us know your exact requirements, and we can tailor our Engineering file for you to provide a bespoke market research B2B data list.

A targeted Engineering Database will help boost your marketing campaigns, thus increasing sales and reputation.

Let us know your exact requirements, for one thing we can tailor our Engineering file for you to provide a bespoke market researched Engineering B2B data list within 24-48 hours.

100% GDPR compliant

Our GDPR and DPA compliance gives you the peace of mind that your marketing strategy is in safe hands, and the adherence of our tailored data packages and other services to data protection standards ensures that your campaign remains compliant too.

Our licensing and terms and conditions ensure that all purchases and consequent marketing are GDPR compliant. GDPR consist of rules regarding the processing of data and its purpose and documenting use and possession. We are registered with the ico. 

Have you still got questions about our list of engineering companies?

If you are looking to expand your current database of Engineers to market to or start with a fresh list, keep in mind some of the statistics when designing your campaign. To discuss your Engineering data needs and requirements, talk to one of our account managers today. We can run a same day count and quote, so you know exactly what we have available to your criteria and specifications.

In this paragraph, we can discuss a few reasons why marketing compliance is important to marketing skills. Firstly, the only way to obtain great results is by using high quality data in your B2B Campaign. Secondly, we think testing can be a great way of putting in the necessary hours to obtain the needed results. There are, however, some people who will disagree. Thirdly, and most importantly, it is said that people tend to remember only 10-20% of what they read or hear. Moreover, that number rises to as much as 90% when you put marketing skills into practice.

In conclusion, If you are looking to expand your current database of Engineering companies, we would be more than happy to run a same day data quotation to see exactly how we can help.

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