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Residential landlord data

The Residential Landlord Database provides a unique opportunity: to reach out to senior decision-makers of companies that own residential properties and present your products and services to them, under a 100% Guarantee.

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    Residential Landlord database overview.

    The Residential Landlord Database currently includes over 21,208+ UK Residential Landlords who are all Senior Decision-makers from around the UK. 

    Our Residential Landlord databases include the following fields; company name, address, telephone number, contact details and personal B2B email address.

    In addition, this business data list of Residential Landlords offers a diverse breakdown across the UK market, enabling you to pick a region that suits your company best. 

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    Residential Landlord Data List

    • 21,208+ UK Residential Landlords
    • 21,000+ personal B2B email
    • 100% GDPR Compliance
    • Data age 2-3 days
    • Regional Segmentation

    List of Residential Landlords UK

    NRLA (National Residential Landlord Association) is the largest membership organisation for private landlords in the UK and currently has over 41,000 members.

    At this time we currently have access to approximately the top 23,000 Residential Landlords details within the UK which can be broken down by region as follows:

    • London
    • South East
    • South West (South West & Wales)
    • Midlands (East / West)
    • North England (East / West & Yorkshire)
    • East England (East England & London)

    These are obtained through telephone/desk research within the last 3 months. Our Residential Landlord database is the most up-to-date source of Landlord data available within the UK. Also is further verified at the point of your order.

    It should be noted, these Residential Landlords are landlords that rent out residential properties under registered companies: Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Private Sector Housing, Co-operatives and short/long term flats, chalets and cottages.

    Throughout our 10+ years of business, we have always found that the best way to convert more sales, especially with Residential Landlords, is to continuously build and develop relationship.

    Also, we give you the ability to do so with our data list by allowing you to target the Residential Landlord 24 times by email over a 12-month period. This is double the amount of the industry standard and any other provider, allowing you to build long-lasting relationships.

    This file will be of great interest to:

    • Tradesmen
    • Insurance Companies
    • Property Consultants
    • Student Accomodation Companies
    • Building Companies
    • Mortgage Companies
    • Property Management Businesses

    Subsequently, our Residential Landlord database comes as a market researched file of the top 2,000 records for £995.00 +vat per geographical region.

    This way you will have access to thousands of Residential Landlords within 24–48 hours.

    This enables you to segment and target across a range of locations to obtain the exact criteria for your specific campaign. In addition, If you are unsure of the best target and locations for your products and services, we would be delighted to talk this through with you.

    Above all, Business Data Prospects are experts at matching companies to your criteria. Let us help you expand your client base by providing you with an accurate and responsive Residential Landlords database.

    Directory of Residential Landlords

    Firstly purchase your Residential Landlord list with confidence from the only data owner in the UK. Being the only data owner ensures that we have carried out full validation on these B2B databases directly before despatch. Secondly, you can be sure that the data has only aged 2-3 days and of course. Thirdly, last but not least, all Residential Landlord databases are provided with a 100% guarantee.

    Our data experts have specialised in finding out in-depth knowledge for you on Residential Landlords. Many have built up a great understanding of the sector over 10+ years. Which is why we are able to work extremely closely with our clients and retaining a 96% retention year-on-year.

    In conclusion, we can help you consider what results you want from your campaign. Taking into account a checklist and allowing you to decide what sort of Residential Landlords would be best for you. Let us know your exact requirements today by speaking to one of our dedicated account managers. We can provide you with a bespoke market researched Residential Landlord database.

    100% GDPR Compliant

    We understand the importance of data protection, which is why our 100% GDPR and DPA-compliant data gives you the peace of mind that your marketing strategy is safe. In addition, our tailored business data packages and other services also ensure that your campaign remains compliant.

    When you purchase from us, you can be confident that our licensing and terms and conditions ensure that any marketing activities undertaken are fully GDPR-compliant. In addition, we are committed to strictly adhering to data processing, purpose, and documentation regulations. Also we are registered with the ICO.




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