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The Fleet Managers & Directors database with a 100% guarantee gives you an ideal opportunity to contact these companies senior decision makers to present your products and services risk free.

Did you know that over the past decade, the top 50 fleet operators in the UK have seen a 42% increase in sales volume, increasing from 1,196,053 to 1,694,812 between 20009 and 2019? (Motor Trader).

Fleet Managers Directors Database

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Fleet Managers
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Fleet Managers & Directors database overview

The Fleet Managers database includes over 33,600+ UK and 103,000+ international Fleet Managers and Fleet Management companies. All of which are Senior Decision makers, from around the world in organisations which have a fleet and businesses who manage fleet. All our B2B Fleet Managers data includes company name, address, telephone number, contact details and personal B2B email address.

Fleet managers have considerable experience and skills in operations, logistics and using software programs to monitor both fleets and drivers and are therefore their contact details are highly sought after.

We have seen that a large portion of these projects come from the vehicle lease solutions and this is why our vehicle lease, fuel card and insurance companies clients have had great success targeting a list of Fleet Managers in the UK.

For transportation companies to work properly and make the necessary profits, vehicles need to be maintained in peak operating conditions. Fleet managers set up schedules to ensure each vehicle is kept in top condition. Our clients who repair and maintain vehicles have also seen successful campaigns.

List of Fleet Managers UK and international

We also provide international Fleet Managers & Directors data, not just UK databases. We have carried out further market research to produce an international data set for Fleet Managers to provide to our clients and expand on our current knowledge of the industry as more and more companies acquire Fleet Managers every day.

Our extensive research enables you to segment and target across a range of sectors, job titles and locations to obtain the exact criteria needed for your specific project. Our knowledge stretches from Fleet Managers and transport directors who manage a significant number of vehicles, to smaller companies who may have just put together their fleet. If you are unsure of the perfect audience for your products and services, we would be delighted to talk this through with you or you can test for yourself with our risk-free data samples of the top 2,000 Fleet Manager records for £795.00 +vat. This way you will have access to thousands of potential customers within 24-48 hours.

Consider the amount of planning, designing, thinking, structure and revenue that is considered before a building project is put forward and you will understand why it is well known that Fleet Managers like to make decisions close to home, by procuring items from companies they trust. Of course, Fleet Managers always want to ensure that projects can completed by sourcing vehicles and solutions locally, to ensure a small carbon footprint and that they are meeting the requirements of all regulatory bodies. 

At BDP Agency, we are experts at identifying and matching companies that have these and similar requirements to you, the supplier enabling us to come together as a seamless network of businesses and to grow the business economy together.

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Directory of Fleet Managers & Directors

In the fleet industry, it is essential to build relationships and raise awareness of your products and services before the planning stage. The Fleet Managers & Directors data list gives you the ability to build relationships by allowing you to target Fleet Managers 24 times by email over 12 months. The industry standard is 12 times in 12 months, averaging 1 email per month, by doubling the industry standard you have the opportunity to create great relationships and drive more sales.

When you purchase your Fleet Managers list from BDP, you can have full confidence as we are the only data owner in the UK. This ensures that we have carried out full validation and rigorous checks on these B2B databases directly before despatch to you to ensure that the data has only aged 2-3 days and of course, these can be provided alongside our 100% guarantee.

Our data experts have specialised in finding out in-depth knowledge for you on international campaigns and fleet management UK. Many specialists have built up a great understanding within the the sectors we research over 10+ years and this is why we are able to work closely with our clients. This is shown by our 96% retention year on year. We can also help you consider what outcomes and results you want from your project by taking into account a checklist of items and you can then decide what sort of Fleet Managers would be best for you. 

Let us know your exact requirements and we can tailor our Fleet Managers file for you to provide a bespoke market research B2B data list.

100% GDPR compliant

Our GDPR and DPA compliance gives you the peace of mind that your marketing strategy is in safe hands, and the adherence of our tailored data packages and other services to data protection standards ensures that your campaign remains compliant too.

Our licensing and terms and conditions ensure that all purchases from us and any consequent marketing undergone is GDPR compliant. GDPR regulations consist of rules regarding the processing of data and its purpose, as well as documenting use and possession.

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If you are looking to expand your current database of Fleet Managers & Directors to market to or start with a fresh list, keep in mind some of the industry statistics when designing your campaign. Be sure to contact one of our account managers today to discuss your requirements to kick start your fleet management marketing campaign today.

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