Fleet Managers Database

The Fleet Managers & Directors database with a 100% guarantee gives you an ideal opportunity to contact these companies senior decision-makers.  At the same time enabling you to present your products and services risk-free.

Did you know that the top 50 fleet operators in the UK have seen a 42% increase in sales volume over the past decade, increasing from 1,196,053 to 1,694,812 between 20009 and 2019? (Motor Trader).

Fleet Managers & Directors database overview.

The data consists of address, telephone number, contact details and personal B2B email address.

They range from Fleet Managers and transport directors who manage a considerable number of vehicles to smaller companies who may have just built their fleet.

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Fleet Managers Data List

  • 33,600+ UK Fleet Managers
  • 32,100+ personal B2B email
  • 103,000+ Europe / USA
  • 2,000+ top leading firms a/v
  • 100% GDPR Compliance
  • Data age 2-3 days

List of Fleet Managers UK and International

In summary, Fleet managers have considerable experience and skills in operations, logistics, and software programs to monitor both fleets and drivers. Due to this, their contact details are therefore highly sought after.

Further to our UK Fleet base, we have also conducted additional market research to produce an international data set of Fleet Managers.

The Fleet Managers & Directors data list gives you the ability to build relationships. Firstly, you can target Fleet Managers 24 times by email over 12 months. The industry standard is twelve times in 12 months, averaging one email per month. We allow double the industry standard, giving you more opportunities to optimise relationship building and drive more sales.

Unsure of the perfect fleet size for your products and services?

Then you can evaluate for yourself with our risk-free data samples of the top 2,000 Fleet Manager records for £995.00 +vat.

This way, you will access thousands of potential customers within 24-48 hours.

BDP Agency is an expert at identifying and matching companies with similar requirements to your services and products.

Directory of Fleet Managers & Directors

Secondly, when you purchase your Fleet Managers list from BDP, you can have complete confidence as we are the only data owner in the UK. Being the sole data owner ensures that we have conducted full validation and rigorous checks on these B2B databases directly before despatch to you, ensuring the data has only aged 2-3 days. Of course, thirdly, these can be provided under our 100% guarantee.

Altogether, let us know your exact requirements, and we can tailor our Fleet Managers file for you to provide a bespoke market research B2B data list.

100% GDPR Compliant

Our GDPR and DPA compliance gives you the peace of mind that your marketing strategy is in safe hands. Furthermore, our tailored data packages and other services to data protection standards ensure that your campaign remains compliant.

Our licensing and terms and conditions ensure that all purchases from us and any consequent marketing undergone are GDPR compliant. GDPR consists of rules regarding the processing of data and its purpose and documenting use and possession. We are ICO registered.




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