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Learn how our 100% Guarantee works and what is covered

Business Data Prospects 100% Guarantee

We are the only UK business data company that offers a 100% guarantee on all our data.  We achieve this because we treat our clients and their campaigns as individuals and we create business data lists which are fit for purpose and rigorously checked for each client. Please see a range of our other explainer videos here.

Alongside this, we use strategic marketing solutions to solve your marketing problems. We provide business data to the highest standards to ensure that you receive optimum results. It is our goal to provide you with solutions to boost the response from your marketing campaigns. Our team will research a set of contacts to your exact criteria. All our B2B data goes through a process of five tiers of checks to ensure that we supply accurate and above all, up-to-date business data.


Here is a list of services we provide which the 100% guarantee covers;

If you have any questions on our guarantee or any business data needs, please contact us on the number above or by filling out our contact form so one of our account managers can give you a call back.

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