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Can You Trust Data Companies Selling Email Lists At Low Prices?

Free Email Lists At Low Prices

Be careful when coming across free email list downloads!

When you buy email data you can quite easily be swayed by the cheaper price. After all, it’s just a spreadsheet, right? Can you really trust a data company selling their business data at a cheap price, or a company offering free email list downloads?

Before a potential client tells us that they’ve found data elsewhere, the question summed up in the following tweet is one we often get asked. This is disappointing, especially when the same person comes back to us, within a few weeks, explaining that the free email database they found elsewhere is a complete waste of their time.

Credit: Kelly Vaughn, @kvlly on Twitter.

Essential email data checklist

Here’s a quick top 10 checklist to consider when a company is offering free or cheap data:

Do they have an ICO registration?
What are their GDPR policies?
What is their address?
Is it based in the UK and registered as a proper business?
What is their telephone number?
Can you be put through to them or do they always have to ring you back?
Is it their own data or are they a broker?
Where does the data come from?
How can they guarantee this?
When was the data last updated? Is it all personal contact details?

For a more lengthy version, read below…

Beware of misleading business data providers

Beware of misleading business data providers online, selling cheap B2B data or email lists for free. As the No.1 leading agency in business data, we have been around for 10+ years and here is a quick snapshot of feedback we receive from customers:

“I was very pleased by the level of service provided to Thomson Reuters by Business Data Prospects. I would not hesitate in using Business Data Prospects again.” – Thomson Reuters
“We have recently used Business Data Prospect’s services to acquire a list of estate agents near Bristol. The data was received quickly and is top quality.” – Signable
“I definitely recommend using this company, staff are exceptionally helpful and friendly. They are secure and follow all the guidelines of GDPR.” – Property Ladder Group

How data providers will mislead you with free email list downloads…

Firstly, companies will often target Business Data Prospects, using our pricing as an example to reel you in. They will explain how they have the cheapest data in the industry and that you are only overpaying by coming to an agency such as Business Data Prospects. Our advice is to be cautious. If pushy sales teams are offering cheap data and swaying you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As this will only lead to disappointment and unnecessary costs. Furthermore, we often have people coming back to us explaining the awful quality of their cheap database and end up purchasing from us. Therefore, they now have one effective database generating them business, and another out of date database sat there leaving a hole in their pocket.

Overall, databases sold by some companies and various websites will only lead to disappointment. Whilst the reduced cost per record and no minimum orders may seem tempting, the truth behind the database will be far less appealing. Finally, you will start to realise the inefficiency of working with an out of date database. Therefore, please consider the quality of the database you have hopes of receiving, and then the reality of what data you will receive instead. These are just a few things competitor marketing can teach you.

Unique Email Lists

Next here is some information on the quality of our data and why we are unique in comparison to every other data broker in the UK.

We are a data owner, we do not broker data.
We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to business data.
Bespoke built databases to suit your marketing campaign.
We use 5 different methods of checks and validations in order to guarantee the most up-to-date data available.
100% Guarantee (only provider in the industry that can confidently offer this guarantee)
100% Free of Charge Delivery (our competitors charge delivery fees)
We help you to target your target market, so you get the most out of your B2B data.
100% Account Management.
Highest Ranked Customer Service Performance.
96% Client Retention Year on Year.

Quality of our data

As you can see, we take the quality of data extremely seriously. We know from over 10+ years the true value of accurate and up-to-date data. It should be at the top of your list when planning for a campaign. If a data deal seems too good to be true, most likely, it is too good to be true. So avoid free email list downloads and free business data in general. Furthermore, for high quality, accurate and effective email marketing, make sure to give us a call today.

Do you have any more questions about the quality of our data? Well our account managers are always more than happy to discuss and answer your questions and concerns. As well as running a same-day data count and quotation to see exactly what data we have available to your campaigns requirements. Therefore, give our team a call today; you can reach us on the number at the top of this page. If you prefer a call back from a member of our team, feel free to leave your contact information on our contact page and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch shortly.

Can You Trust Data Companies Selling Email Lists At Low Prices?
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