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Are you wondering how to source a hotel database of contact details?

Our hotels market research data file will save you time and resources and enable you to gain access to these key industry contacts who need your services to help in running their hotels.

Key facts

The leading hotel contacts
Targeted market intelligence
100% data guarantee on this file

This file is ideal for
Hospitality managers
Cleaning companies
Facility managers
Security companies

Looking for
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Industry sector
Leading 2,000 UK Hotels

Company types
hotels with spas, swimming pools, business centres, conference facilities and entertainment.

Licence 12 months

Fields include
company name, full address, postcode, telephone number, email address, personal contact name and job title, employee size and turnover.

Hotel sector

In any commercial B2B business, a solid marketing strategy is critical to building a brand, attracting new customers and maintaining loyalty. The hospitality industry is no different, customer loyalty is key. Hotels devote a lot of time and resources to create ongoing, interconnected campaigns and building brand awareness to both customer and corporate B2B businesses.

Understanding the importance of a quality hotel database when marketing to the hospitality industry can help you get ahead and stand out when promoting your companies’ products and services.

Hospitality sales are different from customer sales because marketers must sell tangible as well as intangible products so their suppliers are just as important to help them create an established image.

The hotel industry is mostly made up of a consistent brand identity in tourism which is very important. Marketers want to ensure that brand recognition exists so that customers will use their services again and again,  a high quality hotel database will help you promote your goods and services and in turn help establish their hotel brand.

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