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FMCG stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods which are products that sell quickly. Examples of FMCGs are consumables such as manufacturers of dairy products and fruits. This also includes retailers of vegetables, toiletries and pet food as these are all fast-moving products.


All of our FMCGs are businesses which have an interest in receiving direct marketing via their direct mail address or email address as well as telemarketing from our clients allowing you to reach them to market your products and services which will help them to maintain their property portfolios. This also makes us GDPR compliant and in line with all current data protection standards; we’ve been established for over 9 years and have built stable partnerships within the industry and because of this we have the capabilities to cover all your business data needs and more.

Key facts

FMCGs details
Accurate and up-to-date market research
100% data guarantee on this file

Criteria and Licencing
We can filter FMCGs by SIC codes as well as industry. These come on twelve month multiple use licenses which allow you to run your marketing campaigns without restriction over the period.

Our FMCGs market research file includes personal email contact details and telephone numbers saving you time and enabling you to gain access to these key industry contacts in your target market. Fields included within these data cards are Contact Name, Full Address, Postcode, County, Personal Email Address and Telephone number

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This file is ideal for FMCGs such as pet food suppliers, retailers of food and beverages and manufacturers of cosmetic goods

Company types
FMCG suppliers and retailers of FMCGs.

Licence 12 months

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