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Welcome to Business Data Prospects
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Business Data Prospects is a direct marketing solutions company and B2B data owner. So we can provide a full marketing resource for your business data. And provide data for your business to business direct mail, business email and B2B telemarketing campaigns.

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We will provide you with the latest industry news and more information about our business. Alongside an interesting range of hints, tips and news. Which we have found useful and want to share with you. Also, if you have any questions, give the BDP Marketing Team a call on 0333 200 1860.

We all need new clients – we help you reach them.
Business Data Prospects provides all the direct marketing solutions you need to grow your business:

Targeted, relevant, accurate B2B data prospects for your business.

We build databases from scratch for each client. We never supply just ‘off-the-shelf’ lists.
Bespoke email, direct mail and telemarketing campaigns maximise the use of that data.
Consultancy services: with our extensive experience and knowledge of direct marketing, we can advise you on every aspect of conducting an effective campaign that achieves sales results.
Our streambase subscription service gives you valuable new contacts EVERY month.
Fresh Data… Every Time. BDP’s award-winning B2B services are highly cost-effective. This is because our prospect data lists get you results. So for each client, we build every data list from scratch. As well, we do NOT hold lists which we then send out to people. Therefore, we ensure that the data is highly accurate and as up-to-date as possible by working in this way. Also, that it is tailored to your exact requirements. Furthermore, our bespoke data-building guarantee’s that our data is as accurate and relevant as possible. This ensures the highest possible response rates for your campaigns.

See more information on our Returns Guarantee

Targeted Lists From BDP

Sending out indiscriminate emails or direct mail campaigns to as many people as possible is wasteful and does nothing for your business image. At Business Data Prospects, we can advise you on building a focused, targeted contact list, or how to set up a direct mail marketing campaign. For example, by industry, geographical location or specific target audience. As a result, we minimise wastage and maximise results.

The Power of Reinforcement

Sending out just one email or one direct mail piece will only have a limited impact. From your own reaction to emails or mailing pieces, you know that you rarely respond to the first approach. In turn, coordinating all your sales effort around one large one-off effort makes effective follow-up difficult.

We understand the power of repetition and reinforcement, and all our data is supplied with multiple uses in mind. And we gear our supply of data to multiple uses, normally at least 3 times.

A Complete Direct Marketing Solution

An accurate data list of prospects is just the start-point. At Business Data Prospects, we can help you put together a coordinated direct marketing programme:

Email marketing campaigns: Designing and broadcasting high-impact emails, complete with tailored response mechanisms, landing pages, and detailed campaign reporting.
Direct Mail campaigns: Designing and sending out attention-grabbing direct mail pieces, often in conjunction with email and telemarketing.
Telemarketing campaigns: Emails and direct mail need to be followed up. Initial interest must be capitalised on – FAST. Our professional telemarketing service ensures that interested prospects are turned into clients.
At Business Data Prospects, we have the experience and direct marketing know-how to provide expert advice on all aspects of data use and direct marketing. Also, we give you practical, down-to-earth advice and can help you unlock the value of your own data and help you devise and implement and direct marketing strategy that works for your business. Here at BDP, we are proud to have satisfied clients right across the UK – see our testimonials and ask us for case study examples.

Decision-makers about your products and services are out there, waiting to hear from you…

If you have any questions or want to inquire, please contact us by calling the number above or filling out our contact form to request a call-back. And welcome to Business Data Prospects.

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