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Mains Gas Postcode Checker

Mains Gas Postcode Checker

Mains Gas Postcode Checker Market Research File

Business Data Prospects has compiled a brand new market research file of companies in the UK that are off the gas grid. This will consist of companies who are off the gas grid database and need to utilise another source of energy rather than gas, such as solar power.

This carefully curated database offers substantial advantages to energy providers, encompassing businesses specialising in solar power, hydropower, and also other related areas. If you’re actively seeking the precise target market that aligns with your renewable energy offerings, this file stands as the pivotal tool for steering the course of your dynamic and results-driven marketing campaigns.

What data is available?

We have around 200,000 contacts within this file. And we can also filter these contacts to specific postcodes or industries you were hoping to target. off-gas data leads should come to great interest in industries such as:

Solar panel companies
Renewable energy
Liquefied petroleum gas
Biomass boilers

How the green deal can help

The Green Deal Initiative is a fresh government program aiming to motivate businesses for energy-efficient property upgrades. Without substantial upfront costs. These companies are also part of the Mains Gas Postcode Checker listing.

‘From October 2012 you will be able to apply to the Green Deal assessment, although the finances will only be available from 28 January 2013.’

It is a loan to enable you to improve your properties’ energy efficiency. Repayment occurs via energy bills once property improvements lead to cost savings.

Also you can follow Business Data Prospects on Twitter for up to date business data information. Are you interested in finding other company data lists off the gas grid? If you have any questions or want to make an enquiry, please contact us by calling the number above or filling out our contact form to request a call back.

Mains Gas Postcode Checker
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