How To Set Up A Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Setting up a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Many companies which don’t have the budget (or the time) to invest in advertising their product in print publications or on television turn to direct mail marketing campaigns. Which, is an effective marketing method. That allows you to test the market for your product relatively easily, cheaply, efficiently and quickly.

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Preparing your direct mail marketing campaign

The first step in setting up a successful direct mail campaign is compiling your mailing list. If your business already has subscribers, say to an email newsletter. Then you might already have some of the information which you need to reach your target audience. In addition, you can look at the profile of your current subscribers and purchase contact details and addresses for your direct mail campaign that match this criterion. This is something that BDP Agency can help you research and find your specific, targeted mailing data list that most closely resembles your target audience. Our direct mail data enables you to reach a wider audience. Then further promoting your products and services.

Next, you will need a mailing piece. Brochures are expensive for this kind of campaign as you could be sending out quite a lot. Instead, you want to be sending out a sales letter or postcard with a strong “call to action” that compels the recipient to respond. Either with an order, a request for more information, or a phone call to your company. This helps you find out who is interested in your services.

Always code your mailings. Assign each mailing a unique batch number or code word. This will help you collect data telling you who has responded to which mailing and which offer. Therefore, you can easily see which offer is working the best for you and then follow it up.


Next, you will want to run a test mailing. Aim to test at least 10% of your list. Or no fewer than 1000 pieces. This will give you enough direct mail data to produce useful results. Before running your test, decide what response rate will support you going forward with mailing to your entire list.

Once your mail is out there, you need to be prepared to handle the response. Will a response trigger you mailing out more information? Or following up with a phone call? Be sure you’re ready. Because nothing turns off potential customers more than a slow response to their interest in your product. Also, the customer could use details which you have provided in your direct mail to contact you if they are interested. This can help to show you companies who are interested in your product and who will potentially want to buy your product or your service.


Finally, analyse the response to each campaign you run. In direct mail marketing, work out your return on investment and this will enable you to get the most from your direct mail lists and work out an expected response rate for your campaign. Did a segment of your target audience respond more readily than others? You may want to target them more specifically next time or split test your campaign. This can help you to tailor your campaign to your target markets needs.

With each campaign you initiate, you’ll get more information about who is interested in your product or services. This will allow you to finely hone and set up your next direct mailing success campaign to target the audience which is most likely to respond with the offer which is most likely to prompt that response.

Here at BDP we offer direct mail data which we build bespoke for each customer.

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