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CTPS & TPS Corporate Telephone Preference Service

TPS Checker

What Are TPS And CTPS?

So, we’ll kick this off by talking about the two different types of services and what they mean. The first is the TPS Telephone Preference Service. At this platform, individuals can actively register their preference to avoid receiving bothersome marketing telephone calls or unsolicited sales calls. Legally, companies cannot make calls to the numbers reported on these programs. The CTPS checker is essentially the corporate version of the TPS. It’s the same basic principle that if the number is registered with the service, it’s not legal to call them. Still, in this case, it’s how corporate subscribers don’t receive marketing calls to any of the numbers attached to their organisation.

CTPS Checker – Is Your Business Compliant?

When it comes to running a B2B telemarketing data lists campaign, there are a few things that you need to think about. It’s vital for your business that you are compliant with TPS Checker, CTPS checker– The Corporate Telephone Preference Service. They are opt-out registers for consumers and businesses. It’s important to understand that these two services have a significant bearing on your business and your telemarketing campaign. It’s essential not to be ignorant of the rules. So let’s look at how these registers work, what it means to you, and how they will affect your B2B telemarketing.

TPS and CTPS Checker

We can check your own data for any CTPS registered contacts. Where required, we can provide the same day service! This saves you from individually checking with a TPS or CTPS checker.

However, this must not just be a one-off process. Your data lists and the CTPS checker list is changing all the time. So we recommend that you let us conduct a regular check against the current CTPS list to give you complete piece of mind.

What Does This Mean For You?

From a B2B telemarketing perspective, learning about these two lists can be problematic.

Most people accept unwanted sales calls as being an unfortunate part of life. So we don’t want to deal with them, we don’t like them. But at the same time, we recognise that they’re just an everyday part of life, and we can switch off and not deal with them by hanging up the phone or ignoring the call.

With that being said, many businesses do like the fact they are free to try. It means that there is the unlimited potential to be the one sales call that somebody picks up and engages with. And that means that you might make a sale or successfully convince someone to buy your service. So if you’re dealing with big businesses, who are usually the most high-profile candidates for a telemarketing campaign, it’s a good thing.

Not being able to do so legally does tend to limit the telemarketing data campaign.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, it’s essential to recognise clear rules for marketing campaigns, and you must respect them. The law does not look kindly on businesses that harass anybody on the register. Whcih is why the TPS and CTPS is so important. You need to make sure that you have read it and cross-referenced it with your intended list of telemarketing campaign targets. You are responsible for following the law, and ignorance is often not an adequate defence if challenged. So make sure that you check out the registers and keep your business legally compliant.

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CTPS & TPS Corporate Telephone Preference Service
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