Essential Market Research for Data Requirements

Why is market research essential for your data requirements?

Market research is essential for successful marketing.

Market research databases are highly differential to other regular data packages as they provide valuable assets such as:

  • Providing personal information of your key contacts
  • Most up-to-date researched information on the market
  • Additional company details such as turnover, company size, number of employees etc.
  • Targeted and built bespoke data to your requirements

The details above could be essential in creating a marketing campaign that boosts your client base and client relationships as you are targeting your ideal contacts, within your target industry, with the most accurate up-to-date information packages, rather than an off-the-shelf data list.

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Business Data Prospects provide bespoke market research files that have been researched to find the leading companies within each industry and also include the personal B2B contact details of the senior decision maker(s) of these companies.

What’s included?

We are constantly updating our market research packages to provide cutting edge up-to-date business data which are built with key company contacts such as:

  •     Company Name
  •     Postal Address
  •     Telephone Number
  •     Personal Email Address (Where available)
  •     Personal Contact Name
  •     Job Title
  •     Number of Employees
  •     Activity Description
  •     Turnover

Do you have any data requirements?

Take a look at our business data and see how we can help your business increase the response from its marketing campaigns. Our highly targeted data enables you to reach key decision-makers with interest in your products and services for highly effective campaigns. Discuss your data requirements with our dedicated account managers and we can run a same day data count and quote. Our streamlined service means that we can supply your bespoke database in as little as 24-48 hours.

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