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The database of construction company lists provided with a 100% satisfaction guarantee gives you a risk-free opportunity to present your products and services to senior decision-makers at these companies.

Construction companies database overview.

Firstly the Construction Database includes over 110,000+ in the UK and 150,000+ International Construction companies. Secondly, Our B2B Construction data includes company name, address, telephone number, contact details and most importantly, personal B2B email address.

Construction Database

Therefore, this business data list of Construction companies offers a diverse breakdown of small and large construction companies.

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    Construction Companies Data List

    • 110,000+ UK Construction
    • 96,400+ personal B2B email
    • 150,000+ Europe / USA
    • 2,000+ top leading firms a/v
    • 100% GDPR Compliance
    • Data age 2-3 days

    List of construction companies UK and International

    In other words, the International list of Construction companies is extended market research that we have carried out to open up more opportunities for marketing campaigns

    Undoubtedly our list of Construction companies enables you to segment and target across various sectors, job titles and locations. So if you are unsure of the best target for your products and services, we would be delighted to discuss this with you.

    Evidently, It is essential to build relationships in the Construction industry and raise awareness of your products and services before the planning stage. With the total amount of Construction companies in the UK being at an all-time high since 2012, now is the best time to reach out and expand your market  (ONS – Office for National Statistics)

    Additionally, you can test our risk-free data samples of the top 2,000 Construction records for £995.00 +vat.

    This way, you will have access to thousands of potential customers within 24–48 hours.

    Directory of Construction companies

    Purchase your Construction list stress-free and with confidence from the only data owner in the UK. This ensures that we have carried out full validation on these B2B databases directly before despatch to you ensuring that the data has only aged 2-3 days and of course, these can be provided with our 100% guarantee.

    Our data experts have specialised in finding out in-depth knowledge for you on international Construction campaigns. Many have built up a great understanding of the specialised sectors we have researched over 10+ years and this is why we have 96% client retention year on year. Let us know your exact requirements, and we can tailor our Construction file for you to provide a bespoke market research B2B data list, perfect for your campaign.

    100% GDPR Compliant

    Our commitment to data protection ensures that your marketing campaign remains compliant with our tailored business data packages and other services. Our 100% GDPR and DPA-compliant data gives you the peace of mind that your strategy is in safe hands.

    You can rest assured that any purchases and subsequent marketing activities conducted through us are fully GDPR-compliant, thanks to our licensing and terms and conditions. In addition, we understand the importance of regulations governing data processing, purpose, and documentation and ensure that we strictly adhere to them.



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