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Here at BDP we know that telemarketing campaign success is dependent upon many things, but primarily depends on the quality and accuracy of your telephone database.

Our telemarketing data is market researched and verified ensuring you get through to contacts that are actually interested in your products and services every time.

Each client’s database is put together at the point of sale to guarantee that ours is the most up to date telesales data list currently available.

We strive to guarantee you the most up to date and effective telesales data list available in the UK.

BDP Agency works by market researching and then building each clients’ order bespoke for them, which enables us to provide you with the most valid and specific data in the industry, in turn providing your campaigns with the best results.

Reaching contacts who are genuinely interested in your products or services allows you to achieve your sales in a much more cost-efficient and timely manner,. which is why access to verified and targeted business data works.

“Our staff have been exceptionally complimentary about the telemarketing data, well laid out and clean. A successful campaign resulted, and I have got to know BDP very well, truly wonderful people.”
John Heslop
- Chemex

Our clients say: “The best telemarketing data list we have used in years, the correct numbers enable us to get through every time and save on wasted calls.”

Our telemarketing data includes one hundred percent personal named contacts, we do not provide generic details. This saves you and your sales team time and resources to allow you to achieve your targets quicker and more effectively.

BDP offer free, same day counts - simply call us on the number above to discuss your requirements with one of our dedicated account managers to help kickstart your campaign. We have a history of helping national and international brands to utilise top quality research and market intelligence to ensure that their marketing strategy gains the best possible results - let us help you to discover the potential within your marketing campaigns.

We are so confident about our telesales data. The way we work at BDP by building each client’s order bespoke to their specifications, allows us to offer a 100% guarantee on all our telesales data, as each order is specific to your campaign with a maximum data age of two-three days.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible service as well as top quality products every time. What works for you, works for us and we’re sure that we have something that will meet your specifications and enhance your campaigns.


BDP currently hold 8.5 million B2B telephone records that are 100% personal named contacts, no generic details, so you can get through to the contact you want every time.

All our telemarketing data is validated through BT and has a maximum data age of two - three days, ensuring that ours is the most accurate and up to date list currently on the market.


BDP provide you with a 12 month multiple use license which gives you the flexibility to choose when you use the telesales data and how often, without a time limit.

Telemarketing campaigns may take more than one communication and our licencing periods facilitate this; your telemarketing lists need to support efficient and quality sales, so let our telesales data help you to secure these.


BDP’s bespoke data cards consist of the leading contacts within many specific industries. Commercial Landlord Data, Estate Agents Data, HR Managers Data, and Manufacturing Data being amongst the most popular ones, all our Data Cards are uniquely market researched and provide you with up to date details from within these industries.

We have a broad range of data cards that you can browse here.


We hold approximately 648,000 records within many service industries that are all market researched and unique to BDP – the data files contain the leading 2000 companies within sectors such as Architects, Insurance companies, Engineering, Estate Agents, Solicitors, Hotels, and Restaurants.

Call us on the number above to find out what we have available within your criteria, and how we can help you kick-start your marketing campaign today.


We work differently to other telemarketing data providers - as a strategic marketing agency we specialise in providing bespoke data and managing marketing campaigns that require business data. We offer a comprehensive marketing resource for B2B direct mail, email and telemarketing campaigns. Browse the full list of our services as we're sure we have something to help with your campaigns, or give us a call and we’ll run you a data count on your exact requirements.


We’re confident we will be able to provide you with a service that will boost your sales. As bespoke data and marketing specialists, we offer a range of solutions and we are always on hand to help you receive the best possible results from your data purchase with our established industry partner relationships. Get in touch today and find out what we can do to enhance your marketing campaigns.

- BDP Agency - Market Leading Data Company 2018 –

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BDP specialise in consultancy and the management of marketing campaigns requiring worldwide international business data and UK customer data.
We offer a comprehensive marketing resource for B2B and telemarketing data, direct mail and email marketing database campaigns.
Our BDP team will design, implement and manage your campaign around your strategic goals. Our strategic approach is guaranteed to give you outstanding results.



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