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Why should you choose quality over quantity with B2B data

Choosing quality over quantity for your B2B data You have always got to think about cost as it is an important factor in just about everything. From shoes to sandwiches and even your marketing data. For example let’s say that you buy a pair of shoes for £10. These could potentially last quite a few

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Your Guide to Buying Mailing Lists

Mailing List Purchasing Guide A B2B business with a mailing list loses so much when it comes to reaching your target audience. According to the B2B handbook from Marketing Sherpa, the markets emails sent to the third-party list are ineffective. Rather solo emails that are sent to a person directly. The book shows the importance

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A Rise in the Focus on Data Hygiene

What is data hygiene, and why is it so important? What is data hygiene? Data hygiene is also known as data cleansing, and this is one of the prerequisites of a successful business. However, not everyone is familiar with the depth of this concept. Simply, it refers to working with clean databases. As well as

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Quality Vs Quantity

Quality Vs Quantity in Marketing Achieving both quantity and quality in B2B Email marketing can be difficult, so which is more important, quality marketing data or quantity?

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Email Data Lists Quantity or Quality??

Utilising Email Data Lists – Quality or Quantity? An increasing amount of marketing is utilizing email data lists rather than postal mailing. So we are asked more and more for as many email addresses in a sector as possible. After all, many companies think there is only a small cost penalty for adding a few

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How to make data work for you

How to Make Data Work from a Sales Perspective? If you are currently researching your own leads, you may spend considerable time generating prospects to promote your products and services. And not doing what you do best. Furthermore, by presenting your business to a pre-qualified emails database of up-to-date prospects and from a dedicated specialist.

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