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Technical IT decision makers

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Are you wondering how to source a list of IT decision makers personal contact details?

Our IT Managers market research file includes personal contact details saving you time and enabling you to gain access to these key industry contacts who need your services.

Key facts

IT Managers details
Accurate and up-to-date market research
100% data guarantee on this file

This file is ideal for
Technology suppliers
Project managers
Data centres
Software programmers
Magazine subscriptions
Technical companies
Computer suppliers

Looking for
IT managers list, IT managers directory, IT managers database, information technology, technical data, technology managers, IT directors

Industry sector
IT Managers

Company types
IT decision makers with the authority to purchase items from their Information Technology budgets.

Licence 12 months

Fields include
company name, full address, postcode / county, telephone number, email address, personal contact name and job title, employee size and turnover.

IT Managers/ IT Directors Data List

IT management is the discipline whereby all the information technology resources of a firm are managed in accordance with its needs and priorities. Therefore, IT Decision Makers such as IT Managers and IT Directors contact details are quite rightly, well sought after.

There is no better way to bring on new customers then to use the most accurate and up-to-date IT decision makers database, we are specialists in identifying the key senior decision makers in the UK.

All our contacts are market researched by a team of agents who research the IT Directors, Heads of IT and other senior IT decision makers so that your sales teams don’t have to.

Identifying the top-level IT Managers and Directors is extremely challenging and time-consuming for sales teams. Let BDP Agency carry out the market research for you as this is our expertise.

Our B2B data lists offer many selections on infrastructure and these choices help focus your direct marketing, telemarketing or email marketing campaigns. Our technology selections give you a deeper understanding of the IT used within a business.

Technical selections include:

Mobile Providers, Cisco users, VM Ware users, Virtualisation users, Checkpoint users, Unify users, Mitel users, HP users, Dell users, EMC users, eCommerce users, Microsoft users, ISP organisations, Remote workers, SAP users and many more.

If you are looking to market to a database and list of IT managers/ directors, and would like to see how our researched lists of contacts can help you, then please contact us today, either by the contact form or give us a call.

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