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Are you wondering how to source a list of fleet managers contact details?

The BDP fleet data file is fully verified and updated on an ongoing basis. Each fleet data record is checked individually to ensure the organisation, fleet size, type, location and the current key fleet buying contact are fully up to date.

Key facts

Fleet Decision Makers details
Accurate and up-to-date market research
100% data guarantee on this file

This file is ideal for
Insurance companies
Vehicle lease
Fuel card savings
Carbon usage reduction
Fleet management
Car hire
Repair / maintenance

Looking for
Fleet managers, fleet directors, transport managers, fleet manager, fleet data, fleet database

Industry sector
Fleet contacts

Company types
Fleet managers and transport directors who manage a significant number of vehicles.

Licence 12 months

Fields include
company name, full address, postcode / county, telephone number, email address, personal contact name and job title, employee size and turnover.

Fleet Decision Makers File

In a logistics or transportation company, fleet managers play a pivotal role in selecting and maintaining vehicles to keep deliveries and distributions on schedule and within budget.

Fleet managers have considerable experience and skills in operations, logistics and using software programs to monitor both fleets and drivers and are therefore their contact details are highly sought after.

As fleet managers make decisions about what kind of vehicles to purchase and how many. Some will buy automobiles outright, others will lease the vehicles to meet the company’s requirements therefore car dealers, insurance companies etc are highly interested in our BDP Fleet Decision Makers file.

For transportation companies to work properly and make the necessary profits, vehicles need to be maintained in peak operating conditions. Fleet managers set up schedules to ensure each vehicle is kept in top condition.

Large and small companies outsource maintenance and repairs to outside suppliers. Strict schedules make sure that the optimum number of vehicles are working always to meet customer needs. It also helps minimize costs by maximizing fuel efficiency and minimizing unexpected repairs, therefore car repair and maintenance providers will benefit immensely from the Fleet Decision Makers File.

Fleet Managers play a pivotal role in the transportation industry. From buying and selling vehicles to managing schedules, drivers and repairs, the level of decision-making that they are responsible for makes them an ideal target for key industries and their contact details therefore invaluable.

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