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Are you wondering how to source the top construction companies in the UK?

The companies included in this UK construction marketing data file supply services to their customers and clients such as house extensions, under piping, building repairs and planning of construction.

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The leading UK construction companies
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Industry sector
Leading 2,000 UK Construction companies

Company type
house extensions, building repairs, under piping and planning of construction projects

Licence 12 months

Fields include
company name, full address, postcode, telephone number, email address, personal contact name and job title, employee size and turnover.

Industry Research

BDP Research shows the United Kingdom construction industry contributed a gross value of approx. £70,101 million to the UK economy in 2016. The industry employs around 2.6 million people and there are currently around 186,000 construction firms in Great Britain.

Desk research revealed In 2014 the construction industry in Great Britain received total orders of around £19.1 billion from the private sector and £17.4 billion from the public sector.

With these numbers in mind UK construction companies/ building firms need to employ a wide range of services and products to delivery their service. BDP Agency supply contact details for the Construction/ Building industry with a view for companies with a legitimate interest to win business from this booming industry.

Researching the top-level Construction/ Building companies is extremely challenging and time-consuming for your sales/ marketing team and therefore letting BDP Agency carry out this task is essential in growing your business, so that your company can save time.

Further to contact details our B2B data lists offer many selections on choices such as location, size of company and supplier preferences, helping you focus your direct marketing, telemarketing and email marketing campaigns.

Contact us today via the contact form or drop us a call to see how our Construction database will help promote your business.

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