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B2B Manufacturing Data in the United Kingdom

Are your products and services ideal for Manufacturers?

Are you puzzling over easy methods to supply an inventory of United Kingdom Producers containing telephone contact details?

B2B Data Packages

The Manufacturing firms included in this marketplace analysis document supply high quality manufactured items to their customers and purchasers in the meals and beverage, transportation, development and chemical products industries.

Key Info:

– The best contacts in your aim industries

– unique and exclusive BDP marketplace analysis

– Most updated and accurate databases in the United Kingdom

– targeted and best-high quality marketplace intelligence

Industry sector: Manufacturing

Full Campaign Targeting

Amount: 2,000

Company varieties: Leading Excellent United Kingdom Manufacturing Firms

Fields come with: company identify, complete address together with postcode / county / region, phone number, e-mail address, personal contact title and job name, size through staff, job description, turnover.

Extremely relevant to: tradesmen, engineers, building companies, building, training and effort companies with services that manufacturing firms require.

Source: The records has been compiled by means of name centre / table research and is unique to the UK market. the data has been compiled and confirmed over the last 3 months, which makes it essentially the most up-to-date and accurate database of Manufacturing Companies in the UK.

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Licence – One year

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