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B2B Engineering Database in the North East

Engineering Data North East

Are your products and services perfect for the Engineering trade?

Are you considering the way to source the top engineering corporations?

B2B Data Packages

The engineering corporations provide fabrication, marine, precision, dependent, small portions, hydraulic and many more products and services for industries comparable to production, layout and development companies.

Key Info:

– The best contacts to your target industries

– distinctive and unique BDP marketplace analysis

–  Most updated and accurate databases in the United Kingdom

– Focused and best-quality market intelligence

Marketplace Sector: Engineering

Full Campaign Targeting

Quantity: 2,000

Company Types: Engineering firms

Fields come with: companies name, complete address including postcode / county / area, telephone number, e-mail address, private contact name and process name, size by way of employees, job description, turnover.

Highly related to: power companies and development corporations with services and products that might be perfect for engineering firms, business data.

Resource: The document has been compiled by name centre / table analysis and is unique to the United Kingdom market. the information has been compiled and verified over the past three months, which makes it the most up to date and accurate database of Engineering corporations in the United Kingdom.

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Licence – 12 months

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