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Commercial Landlords Data in Edinburgh

Commercial    Landlord Database Edinburgh

Are your products / services ideal for commercial landlords?

Are you wondering how to source landlords contact details in Edinburgh?

Our commercial landlords file will save you time and resources and assist you to acquire get admission to the important business contacts who need your products and services.

B2B Data Packages

Key data:

– The major contacts to your industries

– Distinctive and exclusive BDP market analysis

– Most up to date and correct information bases in the United Kingdom

– and best-quality marketplace intelligence marketplace

Sector: Industrial property landlords

Quantity: Ideal 200 United Kingdom Commercial landlords

Corporate varieties: Landlords, buyers and builders of business properties, who have a important belongings portfolio

Full Campaign Targeting

Fields come with: companies name, full addresses including postcode / county / area, telephone number, e mail addresses, private contacts title and activity name, size by way of staff, task description, turnover.

Extremely relevant to: tradesmen, storage companies, administrative agencies house providers, providers, insurance mortgage corporations whose products and services can be required to deal with the property portfolios.

Source: The report has been compiled by name centre / table analysis and is exclusive to the UK marketplace the knowledge has been compiled and verified during the last 3 months, which makes it probably the most up-to-date and correct database of commercial Landlords in the United Kingdom.

On the lookout for: landlord information, landlord database, landlord directory, landlord details, advertisement landlords

Licence – One year

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