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A Portal to the UK Economy

Are you looking to expand your business to the UK? BDP Agency are a portal to the UK Economy.  We are experts in UK market intelligence and a gateway to the UK economy.

If you’re looking to move into the UK, through full service campaign management we can enable your expansion to run smoothly and successfully.

Reach leading UK companies & turn them into clients

Full Campaign Management

BDP Agency can:

  • Analyse your requirements
  • Send out your campaign
  • Coordinate each stage of your campaign
  • Advise the best approach
  • Monitor and handle the responses

Why BDP Agency? UK Market Research

Our team are experts at helping businesses move into the UK market; let us help you to reach new customers who need your products and services that never knew you existed!

There are over 3 million businesses within the UK, and BDP are continuously analysing this ever expanding market to provide you with accurate, up to date and intelligent data for your marketing campaigns.

Full Campaign Management

We currently hold 15,000,000 international B2B contact details across the world including the UK, so we’re sure we have something to meet your criteria and enhance your campaigns.

We can provide you with many fields, and can filter your selection by industry, location, company turnover, number of employees, or specific job titles for example.

Call us today to find out exactly what we have within your criteria.

Our Products & Services 

We have access to over 3.2 million business records covering every industry in the UK. These include business name, full direct mail address, name of decision maker, job title, telephone, personal b2b email which enables you to cater our database to best suit your marketing campaigns.

You can purchase our data to hold and process this in-house, or we are happy to fully manage your UK marketing campaign.

Client Testimonial

“Fast, professional and up to date, the data provided was easy to use and yielded great results.

After using many data providers in the past I would not hesitate to use BDP again”

Katie Mays

GDPR and Data Protection

All data from within the EU is subject to new GDPR and Data Protection laws, and all of our data is compliant with these new standards.

BDP follow the model clauses and conditions of transfer that have been put into effect to ensure that we maintain adequate levels of data protection and remain compliant under the Commission to hold, process and transfer data internationally.

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