Buy Marketing Lists to Help Find New Customers

The secret to finding new customers is quite often within your existing network, especially your current clients. Another method is to buy marketing lists of your target market to build relationships with.

Before approaching new clients with your products and services, ask for feedback and recommendations from your existing clients. You will be surprised at how helpful people are when you have provided them with an excellent service.

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Gather feedback to find recommendations

In asking for feedback from your existing clients you can learn about how you can improve your service allowing you to adapt and change how your business works to give the best possible service to your clients. This can help you to make good impressions with new customers but also maintaining relationships with current and previous clients.

Utilise existing customers

Many organisations disregard their existing customer base because they have already secured them as a client and start working on securing more clients from people that they do not know. This is commonly seen in business marketing campaigns that only promote offers to new clients. In fact, exhausting your current contacts is a key element in successful marketing campaigns. Current contacts could become reoccurring customers if they are pleased with your service or product which you have provided them with.

Always test to find your most successful methods

Make sure you split test your campaigns, by sending all your current customers a different marketing message to the prospects that you do not know. This will ensure that you are always establishing relationships with your current network too. In doing this you can also offer different products or services to your existing customers depending on what they purchased from you whilst you can send out a general targeted email towards new prospects.

Just think if your existing customers are already impressed with what you provided in the past, and you send them marketing campaigns specifically targeted to new areas of your business, they will continue to enquire about your latest offers in future B2B marketing. They can also recommend you to other people, which will, in turn, generate new leads. Also, by creating good business relationships with these existing clients they will also be more likely to recommend you to other companies. This helps you to build up a network of contacts.

We recommend a 30/70 approach. By incorporating 30% of your marketing campaign to your existing clients and approaching 70% of new clients to build your brand. This will ensure that you have a steady flow of immediate recommendations with existing relationships and plenty of businesses to approach with a longer-term strategy.

Buy marketing lists

We are passionate about helping our clients to build their marketing data campaigns around their existing clients as well as approaching new prospects with the above strategies.

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