8 Stats To Change The Way You Use Email Data

Use Email Data

Email data can be a powerful tool. It helps us make the correct decisions regarding what we do with our email marketing campaigns. But unfortunately, many people don’t look at email data correctly, which often means they fail to make the most of certain key concepts.

A handful of stats can make all the difference when it comes to email data, and we’ll take a look at them together.

Stick to Basics

You’ll want to make sure that you try and stick to the foundations where you can when it comes to email marketing basics. A study found that over 60% of all customers prefer an easy-to-read, basic format over anything fancy.

Get Personal

You need to make sure that you get personal. The research found that including the name of the person you’re trying to target in the email’s opening line can improve the click-through rate by nearly 6%. It may not seem like much, but it’s a critical edge that you can quickly get for yourself.

Timing is Key

Timing is everything when you’re trying to successfully run an email campaign. It’s estimated that the majority of unsubscribe decisions, more than 50%, occur between 5 pm and 10 pm. No one wants to be hassled when they’re at home trying to relax, so you need to make good timing decisions.

No More Images

You might think that images help your cause for email marketing, but actually, they don’t. Studies reported that email marketing, which used images as the main focal point, was less likely to be interacted with.

Targeted Emails

Targeted B2B email data is an important way to communicate with your audience, and they help increase the success rate by a long margin. For example, there’s a 77% increase in your success rate.

It’s All Numbers

If you’re ever starting to feel down about the number of people you’re reaching with email campaigns, remember that email is still one of the most effective ways to communicate, and will have more than 3 billion users, so it’s well worth doing.

Mobiles are Popular

Mobile functionality accounts for more than 60% of all opened emails. This means that your emails must be accessible on both desktops and mobile.

Less is More

Finally, when it comes to email marketing, less is more. Those subjects with the fewest number of words are the most engaged.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to use email data is essential for getting the best results. There are many different ways to utilise email data successfully, but it’s necessary to know that the way you do it has as much bearing on the result as the actual content you use. You need to learn how your audience works and what they’re looking for if you want to cater to them successfully.

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