Personal Contacts In UK B2B Data

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Personal contacts in B2B data are becoming more valuable

As the industry grows, more data becomes old and quickly out of date. One of the most valuable benefits of using this type of targeted quality B2B data is that it enables you to access a personal contact that will be interested in your products and services.

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Targeted personal business data can save you a substantial amount of time in wasted telephone calls too as many large corporates have a no name policy and will not put you through unless you have a contact name available.

Save time with B2B Data!

Here at business data prospects we can provide up to date and 100% accurate UK B2B data filtered specifically to your product or services requirements. BDP’s order process is simple and convenient.

Our services will guarantee to grow your business by helping your sales team smash their monthly targets.

What Data do you have available?

Personal contacts/job titles
Company name
Full address / postcode
Email address
Size of company/turnover
See more information on our UK B2B data here.

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