4 Ways to Successfully Manage a Telemarketing Campaign

Within this blog we are going to discuss our top tips to manage a successful telemarketing campaign. Our tips will help you get a better idea on how to manage and track the progress of the campaign. Telemarketing is calling someone who could be a potential customer with the idea to sell or provide your product or service to them.

Clean Data

Being able to work from clean and current data is so important for the potential response of a telemarketing campaign. The more fresh and up to date the telemarketing list you are using the higher accuracy and the success rate of reaching the contacts. At BDP all our business data is checked and verified at the point of order to ensure lines are still live and active and the named contacts are all still in position at their companies. If you are unsure on what industry or contact you would like to target, see our Industry Classification List and our Job Titles post to see exactly what we have available. If you have a current set of data which you would like to use, we highly recommend a data cleanse beforehand, we will discuss this next.

Data Cleanse

Before you start running your campaign we strongly suggest data cleansing to update and refresh your contacts. The success of a high impact campaign is in the planning and making sure your database is correct is an essential part of the planning stages. With our data cleansing services we assess your existing telemarketing data, and then we provide you with a quotation for updating the contacts against our up to date records. At BDP, we can cleanse your current data base and update all your prospects which will save you excessive cost in overheads. Please click here if you are interested in our Data Cleansing Service or would like to find out more information.

Defining USP

Identifying the Unique Selling Point, a USP, makes the products unique and appealing to the customers. Developing a USP starts with the understanding of the products and services that are being offered to the customers. A well-defined USP can make your brand stand out from your competitors. When communicating using the USP branding after carrying out the detailed market research, reporting information such as the number of calls and the success rate of appointments or leads created if there is an immediate interest. Installing a CRM can help the effectiveness of the sales call. Software such as the CRM allows you to track and report in depth of the analysis of all the outbound telemarketing calls.


The Customer Relationship Management is a technology used to organize and streamline with customers. The CRM improves customer services and increases sales. A CRM is a powerful tool as you can log activity on the system showing previous notes and contact which helps the user become more organized and have a plan in place for the next point of contact. An effective part of the CRM is the calendar and scheduling which allows the user to plan calls and reminders to follow up with the prospect without losing track of whats happening. Telemarketing is a key part of marketing and the right tools such as the CRM is needed to complete the job to a high standard. A CRM will also come in many other aspects of the sales pipeline, we also discussed the use of a CRM in our Tips to Manage a Direct Mail Campaign and Tips for Managing an Email Campaign.

Now you have your CRM setup and are in need of fresh and accurate telemarketing data, look no further. At Business Data Prospects, we only provide the freshest and most accurate telemarketing data, which we are internationally recognised for. We know the importance in the accuracy of telemarketing data which is why we are the only data company who provide a true 100% guarantee on all our business and telemarketing data. We provide this as we are confident in the accuracy of our data due to our data validation methods. The verification of our telemarketing data starts by cross-checking our base data against Companies House. Our market research team will then overlay the data with their market research. The final step in verifying the telemarketing data is to validate all lines. We do this through a BT validation system which ensures all lines are in use. Give your telesales team the best telemarketing data for their telemarketing campaigns.

If you require any B2B Telemarketing Data to run your businesses next telemarketing campaign, please fill in our contact form to the side or give us a call on the number above to speak to one of our account managers. Alternatively, you can see more information on our Telemarketing Data here.