Top Telesales Marketing Practices

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Top Telesales Marketing Practices

Many companies laugh off the idea of using sales or telemarketing professionals in order to generate leads or close business over the phone. Yet the biggest companies and best firms in the majority of industries are using telesales marketing as part of their arsenal in order to accelerate their sales and drive their growth.

Choosing the right telephone agents

It’s a lot more efficient to deploy salespeople from within than outsource telemarketing professionals for the same function.

Often, there’s a big gap between marketing and lead generation programs and fielding salespeople that can only be filled by inside sales or telemarketing professionals. Companies use telesales & telemarketing in a variety of ways. Perhaps, they are doing lead generation qualification or they’re following up on leads that are coming from marketing programs. Or, they are actually performing sales functions and closing deals over the phone. There’s also a hybrid model which is commonly used by companies to qualify opportunities, close deals that can be done over the phone, and then pass larger relationship based sales opportunities out to the sales force.

If you’re thinking about deploying a sales force, or adding to your current one, you need to think about how you can use inside sales or telemarketing to boost the sales efficiency at a lower cost. Once you’ve decided to deploy inside or telemarketing or sales professionals, it is really critical that you have the right outside consulting and capabilities to set up the function. An outsourced development consultant can bring in lots of experience which will have a huge impact on the ability of you being successful when deploying the campaign.

Finding a consultant

Many companies have tried and failed at telesales marketing efforts because they lack the experience and the management to finely tune the programs for success. It is critical that you acquire the management skills to hire the employees who will actually be doing the phone work. A good telesales or telemarketing professional consultant will be a good option to come in and help you determine the message, approach, target, the unique selling point of the call, and the script, which are all essential elements in order to train your telesales and telemarketing force.

A good consultant will also help you recruit the best telesales marketers for the company, which is not an easy task because there are many people who are not capable of carrying out this sort of job. If you are considering deploying additional sales resources then think about bringing in an outside resource to help you with that goal.

Telemarketing companies offer very important support to businesses all over the world. Telesales and telemarketers help companies find out exactly who their targets are and what they need. However, among the best practices that the telemarketing companies employ are the lead generation and information gathering services. The market research that is done by the telesales service providers on behalf of your company is truly invaluable. Not only do businesses get an accurate read of what your targets are thinking and feeling, but they are gathering insight into how they can improve their own products and services in order to better satisfy their needs.

If you are looking to run a telemarketing campaign you need to put together a plan which will help you get the most from your campaign, then the telemarketers that you hired should be able to put together a plan which will help you get the most from your campaign. Before you start your campaign, you should take the time to go over the goals with your employees or provider. You should also sit down with a scriptwriter and take some time in producing a script which will help you push your product, service or goal when the agents are talking to the targets.

Fine-tuning your script and strategy

The opening of the call is the most important. It is critical that this is done right. Generally, the individual who answers the phone will be on a busy schedule, meaning they may not be in a receptive mood. What happens if this call irritates this individual? This is where the telemarking agent needs to make an impact, in these initial moments of the conversation; the agent needs to be able to interest the person that is called. If they become interested, then this was a success, the opener is usually what can make or break a call. The agent needs to introduce themselves politely and the company on behalf of which they are making the call for. This is now when they need to say something that will immediately grab the attention of the individual and engross them in order to continue the call or conversation. If the individual becomes convinced that they will benefit from the conversation, then the whole call is likely to become a success.

Try to imagine yourself in the position of the individual receiving the call. What would you like to hear? Once you can get this clear in your head, you will immediately know what the prospective client wants and how to make a call that will make your business a success.

Telesales marketing isn’t all just about phone calls. You can also use text messaging. There are no restrictions to when a text message can be sent, whereas telesales are policed and regulated by time limits within which a call can be made to a customer. With mobile phones, availability is not an issue. Text messaging is a passive marketing approach, the message is stored within the mobile phone’s memory and can be retrieved by the mobile owner at a convenient time.

Also, the large majority of mobile phones are web enabled, meaning that you can access the internet. This gives for immediate response potential because customers can do things such as click on links and previews in the text message. This will then redirect them to your sites/campaigns, this is useful to you because it takes them right to the information, you don’t need to write out a huge message in a text, and instead you could link them, for example, to a graphic of your campaign.

Once you have started the campaign, you should evaluate and review it often. This is so that you can see what kind of results you are getting. If you are not getting the kind of results that you expected then you should tweak the script and go over the campaign again with the agents or provider to see where you can change things so that you start to see the results that you were after.

Ensure that you keep your marketing relevant to the industry you are targeting, you wouldn’t want to create a campaign and solution that is targeted towards restaurants to then start calling decision makers within nursing homes. Why not take a look at some industries you can market your campaign around here.

If you have any further questions or would like to make an enquiry, don’t hesitate, call the number above or fill out the form to the side to request a call back.

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