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The Right Tools For Event-Based Marketing

Tools For Email Marketing

Event Based Marketing is a powerful way to reach customers and grow your business. But to be successful, you need the right tools. We have put together some top tips for managing your email marketing campaign. This article will discuss some of the key tools for email marketing as well as event based marketing and how they can help you achieve success.

What is Event Based Marketing vs Email Marketing

Using emails to communicate with clients, prospects, and other stakeholders is known as email marketing. With the help from online tools, companies may send updates, promotions, greetings, and helpful content straight to recipients’ inboxes. Companies may develop client relationships, increase revenue, promote goods and services, and deliver relevant information by creating effective emails. Email marketers may also monitor open rates, click through rates, and other metrics with the help of email marketing. This helps companies measure the success of their campaigns and make necessary changes to their strategy over time.

On the other hand, event based marketing is a strategy that involves creating and promoting targeted campaigns or activities centred around specific events. These events can range from holidays and seasonal occasions to product launches, webinars, workshops, and more. Event based marketing takes advantage of the interest and engagement around these events to capture the audiences attention and encourage them to take desired actions. By aligning marketing efforts with specific events, companies can foster a sense of urgency and relevance.

Essentially, while email marketing serves as a foundational method for ongoing communication and relationship building, event based marketing leverages timely and relevant events to enhance engagement and drive specific outcomes. Both strategies are key in marketing, offering unique opportunities to connect with audiences in meaningful ways and achieve business objectives.

Brevo (formerly sendin blue)

Brevo is a tool for email marketing that can be used to create and send newsletters, manage subscriber lists, and track the effectiveness of campaigns. This platform also provides templates and designs for creating email campaigns and a wide range of integrations with other software platforms.

In addition, Brevo offers a pay as you go pricing model that makes it affordable for companies of all sizes. For these reasons, it’s an excellent tool for email marketing.


SendPulse is one of the most popular email marketing tools available today. It offers a wide range of features, including automatic emails, email templates, and integrations. Perhaps most importantly, it’s known for its high deliverability rates meaning your emails are more likely to end up in your subscribers inboxes than get lost in spam filters. In addition, offering excellent customer support and a user friendly interface.

Whether you’re just getting started with email marketing or looking for a tool to take your campaigns to the next level, Send Pulse is worth considering.

Benchmark Email

Email marketing is a great way to reach out to potential customers and build relationships with existing ones. However, success requires more than simply sending out mass emails. To create genuinely effective email campaigns, you need the right tools. Benchmark Email is a comprehensive email marketing platform that offers everything you need to get the most out of your campaigns. With Benchmark Email, you can create beautiful newsletters, automate your email marketing tasks, and easily track your results.

In addition, the Benchmark includes a wide range of features to help you engage with your subscribers and get the most out of your email list. Whether you’re new to email marketing or aiming to elevate your campaigns, Benchmark Email can help.


Email marketing is a powerful tool for growing business. It allows you to reach a large audience with your message. But it also lets you track the results of your campaigns and make changes as needed. However, effective email marketing requires more than just a list of contacts. It also requires the right tools to manage your campaigns and measure your success.

Omnisend is a comprehensive email marketing platform that gives you everything you need to create successful campaigns. With Omnisend, you can segment your contact list, personalise your messages, and automate your sending schedule. You can also track your results in real time and change your approach. In short, Omnisend is the perfect tool for companies serious about growing their email data list and driving sales. So try it today and see the difference it can make for your business.

How we can help you with your Event Based Marketing

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The Right Tools For Event-Based Marketing
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