Telemarketing Leads – Find Out How to Increase Sales (4 Tips)

Increase telemarketing leads success

Use Telemarketing Leads To Increase Sales

If your telemarketing sales are focused on quantity over quality then you’re more than likely going to fail. This is why businesses need to spend more time and resources to properly qualify potential leads, so that you can then get the rewards. Learn how to properly utilise your telemarketing leads.

Planning is Key

If you are looking to run a telemarketing campaign you need to put together a plan which will help you get the most from your campaign. Then, the telemarketers that you hired should be able to put together a plan which will help you get the most from your telemarketing leads.

You need to do your research. There’s no point just calling without preparation. You need to decide which market you will target and why it is a good target market as this will allow you to tailor your call around what appeals to your target audience and what is best suited to entice them into buying your product or service.

Is there any competition?

If there is competition you will need to work around? Try and offer your customers a better service and experience in order to push for the sale.

Do you have an advantage or something that sets your product/service apart from competing products or services?

Use this advantage to help you to sell your product to the customer. Some of these advantages or difference could relate to the customers personal needs. This could help you sell your product or service.

Do you have any industry-leading knowledge or products?

This can be used to help sell the product. If the customer knows about this they might be more inclined to buy from you.

You could also identify the reasons why some of your current customers purchase off you. Doing your research will allow you to increase the efficiency of your sales. As well as making efficient use of your time.

Respecting the Gatekeeper

Gatekeepers have a job, and that’s to protect the decision maker, therefore you need techniques to get around or go through them to get to your goal. If the process is done respectfully, then it could result in the respect being repaid in the form of a sale.

Make a Good First Impression

You need to make the first seconds of the sales call count; this is why having a thoughtful script is important. You should remember that you should never read your script word for word. Using the script as an outline so that the conversation is natural, but quite directed at the same time. This could help build a relationship with the caller which could lead to sales. It is also possible that the person who answers the phone could have a busy schedule meaning that they are going to want this phone call to be as fast as possible.

It is essential to make a good first impression. However, you also want to be to the point as taking too long could irritate the customer you are calling. If you are to the point there is a chance you could interest them and they might be willing to give you more of your time to explain your product/service further.

The Follow Up To Telemarketing Leads

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but sending contacts a reminder never hurts. For example, you could send them an email; and if this is something that works with what you are offering, then that’s even better. An email will also give you another form of contact with your customer which can be used in the future for contacting them about your other products.

Telemarketing isn’t all just about phone calls. You can also use text messaging. There are no restrictions to when a text message can be sent, whereas telesales are policed and regulated by time limits within which a call can be made to a customer. With mobile phones, availability is not an issue. Text messaging is a passive marketing approach. The message is stored within the mobile phone’s memory and can be retrieved by the mobile owner at a convenient time. Use your telemarketing leads effectively by reaching out across a variety of channels.

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