How To Source Telesales Data For Your Marketing Campaigns

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Sourcing Telesales Data For Your Marketing Campaigns

Where can I source telesales data and run an effective campaign? When marketers put together marketing campaigns, they do it for the sole purpose of making sales of their products and services. If you want to guarantee the sale of your goods and services through telemarketing data, you must consider the following:

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Finding the perfect telesales data source

You need a source that gives you a comprehensive listing of your target market. However, you don’t just want the telephone numbers of potential customers. On the other hand, you want numbers of customers who need, want and will most likely buy your product/service.

You want consumers who influence potential customers. As a result, your network of customers will keep growing with every purchase.

Therefore, you want contact information that is accurate and regularly updated. Thus, ensuring that you maintain a relationship with your clientele. As well as grow your client base consistently.

Overall, you want efficiency, cost-effectiveness and a guaranteed sale.

At BDP, we offer so much more in our B2B databases.

Many companies promise to give clients accurate telesales data for their marketing campaigns in the UK, and some of them are indeed reliable. However, as data providers for telemarketing and other marketing campaigns, we pride ourselves on not only providing you 100% accurate data. But also link you directly to customers who need and want to buy your product.

It does not matter what industry you’re in. Our company has the latest version of the United Kingdom Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities (SIC 2007). This is used to cluster businesses by the nature of economic interest they are involved in. Why is this important? It helps you market your products and/or services to other companies. So other than selling to one individual at a time, you sell in larger volumes for a larger clientele.

Our efficient telesales statistics list covers the entire United Kingdom region. Each record entered has telephone contact information that is 100% accurate, including other impertinent details such as the size of listed companies and their financial statistics. In addition, we validate all our telephone numbers against BT to ensure that the lines are in use. This increases your potential clientele base by taking advantage of companies and businesses that influence your target market. Therefore, bringing in one client with thousands of clients means more sales for you.

How we can help…

We carry out extensive research on our clients’ target markets to ensure that all telemarketing efforts are directed to those most likely to make a purchase. Thus, saving time and resources and increasing the probability of guaranteed sales.

We offer comprehensive solutions to all your telesales data dilemmas. Telemarketing has never been made easier. We have further information on telemarketing data in the UK. Such as telemarketing database’s in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

If you want to inquire, please contact us by phoning 0333 200 1860 or filling out the contact form to receive a call-back.

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