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Top 10 tips on Telemarketing

Top Tips to Improve Your Telemarketing Skills

We have put together some great tips below on improving your telemarketing skills.

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Our 10 top tips

1. Smile – it really does work.

2. Ensure you are working from clean up-to-date telemarketing data to contact your potential clients. This saves you time and helps considerably when speaking to the gatekeeper.

3. As soon as possible in the conversation, try your very best to accumulate an immediate interest from your potential client. You will have around 30 seconds to make a great first impact on the customer, so try to consider what you are going to say once the call becomes active, think of two or three sentences to impress and grab their attention immediately.

4. Be conscious of using jargon within your conversation as you will leave people feeling confused and unsure about your products and services.

5. Practice being you and speaking naturally. Many people forget to breathe during a conversation especially if nerves set in. Try not to read from a script either as people can always tell, put your personality into the conversation.

6. Practice makes perfect, by practising it will train you to discuss your products and services naturally and become more confident.

7. Make sure you are ready and prepared; quite a number of telemarketers deactivate the phone call when they are asked an awkward question or a question they don’t know the answer too. Make sure you are prepared and have the relevant answers at the ready. If you are asked a question that makes you are unsure of, explain to the potential customer that you will get back to them with the appropriate details.

8. Make sure that you jot down and record notes that will remind you of personal circumstances during a conversation i.e. name of their dog, the holiday they have planned. This will help build rapport in future conversations.

9. Some telemarketers have become too use to hanging up once they discover that the client is not pushing forward with an instant sale. Always ensure you finish a call politely by closing the conversation with goodbye and any details of follow up calls.

10. To finish off, make sure you update all your notes onto a CRM or similar system ensuring that you set any follow-up calls accurately.

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