3 Myths About Telemarketing Lists

3 Myths About Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing Lists Myths

It has long been held that telemarketing campaigns have failed as a tool for businesses. Also, that telemarketing lists are becoming less critical. However, in reality, this is far from the truth. To some extent, telemarketing is a staple in the business industry. In particular, B2B can benefit a great deal from telemarketing. So providing, it is correctly managed. Therefore, having the ability to telephone another company puts in the top 25% of the UK. However, technology has created a generation of individuals who do not like talking over the phone. And who are only happy to discuss by email and social media.

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Many people and businesses claim that telemarketing is not an effective tool for business activities. These are the same people who have not been able to achieve and take advantage of the benefits of telemarketing. However, telemarketing is a valuable tool to many companies. Unfortunately, like any other concept, there are many myths associated with this type of marketing. Therefore we demystified just a few to spur you into action and pick up the telephone hopefully:

MYTH 1. Telemarketing is outdated, and only digital marketing is of use today.

This is not entirely true. While digital marketing is the first choice of marketers today, telemarketing still preserves its charm. The reason for this is that human interaction still happens to affect and influence prospective buyers. Persuading them into doing business with the party on the other end of the line. This can be better than any email or social media contact ever can.

A study revealed that 68% of B2B sales involved some form of human interaction. Such as telemarketing; this number clearly shows that telemarketing has not failed B2B businesses.

MYTH 2. Only desperate businesses turn to telemarketing lists for their marketing needs.

Telemarketing can be a worthwhile investment. Whether used to increase brand awareness or investigate performance and satisfaction amongst customers. Or to convert prospects into customers or carry out customer support of your existing marketing activity. And thus generate leads. So, think about how much easier and quicker it is to pick up the telephone than write an email. Therefore, it is certainly not just for desperate companies, as someone said to us once at a show.

MYTH 3. Only low-value products reap benefits from telemarketing.

When employed correctly, in collaboration with other smartly devised marketing techniques, telemarketing has the ability to generate opportunities like never seen before. This being part of the reason why telemarketing has survived since its inception. However, people genuinely believe that telemarketing is reserved for quick sales. And a B2B environment is based on relationship building. But have you ever tried to build a relationship through email? It simply is not as effective.

Telemarketing is a definite skill. However, the rewards are unbelievably beneficial. In comparison to other marketing channels. So we urge you to pick the phone up today.

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